All Press Releases for March 23, 2020

Amidst Today's Pandemic, The Wrongfully Accused Are Not Afforded Justice

Seng Xiong Wrongfully Convicted of Fraud Remains Incarcerated and Restrained of His Liberty at Moshannon Valley Correctional Institution

    ST. PAUL, MN, March 23, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- According to the Huffington Post, the United States, which leads the world in incarceration of its citizens, has approximately 2 million people behind bars. That means a wrongful conviction rate of 1 percent would translate to 20,000 people punished for crimes they didn't commit. Mr. Seng Xiong was not only wrongfully convicted for fraud but was also not afforded due process by Judge Nelson. The case details of this injustice are nothing short of disturbing and exhibit an extreme example of the complete failure of our justice system.

Mr. Seng Xiong was convicted in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota by the Honorable Judge Nelson on two counts of fraud, and was initially misidentified by another Seng Xiong with the same name, which was readily apparent he was not the same person by the voice in You Tube Videos. In addition, $1.089.000 were unlawfully seized by the United States government which also has not been returned as of this date and still OWED. The investigators based their actions based on false allegations and rumors that the fundraising was a scam to target the Hmong elderly.

The court made numerous mistakes in this case to say the least. For one, Mr. Seng Xiong filed a formal complaint for his trial counsel's ineffectiveness. The court additionally violated his Fifth Amendment rights by questioning him directly and his Sixth Amendment rights by barring him from presenting witnesses. In essence, Mr. Seng Xiong was denied a fair trial. And, the court further erred in imposing a sentence that was procedurally and substantively unreasonable. If there were actual victims in this case, why would they not cash in or deposit their government checks (please note: approximately 622K of the seized funds were returned). It is important to note that there was a total of 310 supporters who showed up at the courtroom and were told to go home. Also, Mr. Seng Xiong gave 2K of his own money which was also confiscated. Why would someone intending to defraud people donate? This monetary property was confiscated unjustly in NYC. The other things that the United States A Hmong Country, Hmong Sovereign State was initiated by Mr. Seng Xiong on October 02, 2006 with the White House, during the Bush Administration. There was a letter, proposal and discussion for the recognition of a Hmong Country taken place at the United States Mission in New York with U.S Officials: Senior Political Adviser, Richard McCurry, Jacky Sanders and Ted Maly, where. U.S Government officials in Washington D.C. fully acknowledged the creation of a Hmong Country. Political prejudice and social inequity at its core? Yes.

Without question, Mr. Seng Xiong has been treated unfairly by the United States government and needs to be released immediately along with the held funds returned. Furthermore, it is important to note that it is not illegal or a crime to pursue or seek self-rule, seek sovereign territories in the form of sovereign state under an international treaty, therefore fundraising efforts to start a Hmong country is therefore legal. Attorney Kyle White had told Yang Moua, Dao Moua and Seng Xiong on September 07, 2019 that United States government has committed the wrongdoing and not Seng Xiong. -We urge you to spread the word about Mr. Seng Xiong's wrongful incarceration, while our country is in a panicked state due the Corona Virus pandemic, and yes – this is starting to show up in our prisons too, but justice even in a time of crisis needs to prevail.

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