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Best-Selling Author, Darlene Franklin, Has Raised The Bar For Authors Everywhere and Changed the Rules for Assisted Living

Oklahoma City-based author, Darlene Franklin is a true prototype of the literary world with her 68 published books and her 2020 goal for #75. That she did this mainly from an assisted living facility isn't even the most impressive part of this story.

    OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, March 24, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- For many people, residing in an assisted living facility means slower paced days and a relatively predictable existence. After a lifetime of hard work, many of our more seasoned members of society just want to take it easy; a set meal schedule, some light activities, maybe an outing at the weekend. Nothing too crazy. That kind of life is not for everyone, though. Some people become more active than ever before, and they take on sort of a carpe diem way of life.

This was most definitely the case with New England-born author, Darlene Franklin, syndicated columnist, magazine writer, poet and published author. Amazingly, though, it wasn't until after her residence change that things really began to pick up dramatically. Sure, she'd already been published by then, but the lion's share of her work was created after she moved into assisted living some years ago. That's where she happened upon a creative wellspring that is still running strong today. Over the last few years she has been able to publish an astounding 68 unique titles in addition to countless articles and poems, and she is planning to complete Book #75 by the end of 2020; a true achievement by any measurement.

Her recently released book, In God's Hands: An Inspirational Gift Book of Poetry, is a gift book with 39 poems about God's hands, which flung the universe and crafted our bodies; which protect us and give us shelter. Christianity is a common theme in Darlene's work, with at least two of her most popular publications bearing this distinctive hallmark:

Pray Through the Bible in a Year Journal: A Daily Devotional and Reading Plan is a recent best-seller on Amazon. Picture this: a deluxe journal featuring an in-depth plan for readers to work their way through the Bible in a single year. There's a devotional prayer accompanying each scripture reading. This thoughtful and effective approach has already earned Ms. Franklin many devotees and a great deal of notoriety. Less instructional, more narrative is Dressed For Death, Three Volumes in One (Christian Cozy Mystery) which is—you guessed it—a three book collection unraveling a murder mystery which aims to keep the reader on the edge of his or her seat with an addictive, engrossing plot line and more than a dash of romance. Who could ask for a cozier book on a cold Saturday afternoon?

Naturally, every author has his or her own favorite works, which are sometimes at odds with their audience's favorites; sometimes not. In Darlene Franklin's case… well, she just can't stop talking about A Bride's Rogue, which tells the story of Blanche Lamar, who inherits a steamboat from a father she's never met. Struggling to adjust to her new life she discovers unexpected challenges and truths in the overlapping worlds of family, business and perhaps true love.

There's no such thing as a Darlene Franklin Greatest Works list without mentioning the instantly adorable, personal favorite of the author, Maple Notch Romance collection. It is an omnibus of epic proportions, spanning generations of different people, places and experiences. What is the common thread running through all eight volumes? Finding love. This captivating series was published one book at a time as part of three separate collections. Finally, they are all in one convenient location where they belong, and if the reader is looking for a romance series quite literally like no other, then look no further than Maple Notch.

Important to note is that the first book in the Maple Notch series (Prodigal Patriot) was Ms. Franklin's first novel-length historical romance. One might say this created the blueprint for all that came after it in follow-up installments, Bridge to Love, Hidden Dreams, Saving Felicity and others. With backdrops as varied as the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga, the War of 1812, the Lake Placid Olympics, the Second World War, and reality television, Darlene Franklin's singular literary voice is a flexible, commanding instrument that has drawn a dedicated audience whose size has surprised even her at times. Darlene's work has crossed over multiple genres and audiences, but interestingly enough, it is all extremely polished and disciplined within the structures she sets for her respective creations. To wit, the aforementioned Maple Notch series retains an engaging, but laser-like focus for the duration of its stay, never wearing out its folksy, New England charm—and neither does Darlene Franklin.

"Living in a nursing home might make some people feel like their world is small, but for me it has never felt bigger," explains Ms. Franklin. "I absolutely love writing and when I look back at the amount of books I've published, I can't quite believe it was me who wrote all of them! I've got no plans to slow down, and I have lots and lots of ideas still waiting to be put to paper. So, this year my goal is to publish my seventy-fifth book—and I'm pretty confident I can make it happen!"

For more information and to view the full collection of books, visit Darlene Franklin's Amazon home page here.

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