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Finding Your Inner Peace In Times Of Chaos: SolePath Offers Group Meditation Classes… Without The Need To Leave Home

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, many people are rightly feeling worried, stressed, depressed, and a little isolated. SolePath is looking to provide respite from all this by launching a free virtual meditation class every Monday, live on Zoom.

If you are feeling stressed or worried during this global pandemic, or for any other reason, please join us every Monday and begin to embrace a calmer, healthier lifestyle.

    CALGARY, AB, April 03, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Are you keeping your six feet of distance? Are you doing "The Five"? Are you getting a little stir crazy? A little tired of it all? If you're anything like the rest of the world, the answer is a resounding yes across the board. Let's face it: We're all trying to make the best of this strange, new way of life. Sure, you've aced helping the kids with their online school courses. You've hand-sanitized until your skin is raw. You've even made your peace with all those canceled bookings for shows and vacations you purchased back in November. In other words, you're living your best "quarantine life."

But what about when the lights go out at night and the house is quiet and the only thing you can hear is your own racing mind? Maybe you're already living in the eye of the storm in New York, California, Italy or elsewhere. Or maybe you're just watching your global neighbors and worrying that it's only a matter of time before the crummiest show in the world comes to a theater near you.

And then there's the real elephant in the room. When will this end? What is happening here anyway?

Okay, deep breath! No freak-outs today, but you do know exactly what we're talking about. These terrifying uncertainties are now officially a part of the global consciousness. Together, we are all currently living through an unprecedented moment in time, with the Coronavirus outbreak forcing many of us to isolate at home. This naturally creates a sense of worry and stress as people fear for their loved ones and what the future might hold, while social distancing is making nearly everyone feel increasingly isolated.

You need shelter from the storm. That much is a certainty.

Calgary-based wellness institution, SolePath, is launching a free online virtual meditation class to serve as an oasis amidst the chaos. Instead of going to your favorite Yoga studio or gym, this particular class is held live on the Zoom app every Monday afternoon at 4:00 pm (Mountain Time). The class features an introduction to Tao meditations as explained in The Daily Pulse, a nine-step guide to daily rhythm and ritual written by SolePath founder, Dr. Debra Ford. This indispensable volume will serve as your guiding light as SolePath fuses ancient wisdom with cutting edge technology to bring you this new, virtual meditation class.

Daily Pulse: The Rhythm of the Tao helps readers better understand the profound beauty of the Tao, and is designed to aid those who might be feeling stuck and helpless. The hour-long, weekly meditation sessions invite attendees to take the first step towards transforming their mindset—directly from the comfort of their own home. Bring a journal to class, so these experiences can be logged and learned from.

Each Monday, shortly before 4:00 pm, participants will be able to sign into Zoom to enjoy early access to the virtual meeting room, so everyone can chat before meditation class begins. The SolePath team suggest users wear comfortable clothing and find a suitably relaxing space in their home to undertake the peaceful session.

Speaking ahead of the SolePath group meditation launch, Dr. Debra added, "Here at SolePath, we want to try and provide people with some peace of mind in an otherwise chaotic world. That is why we have launched our free virtual meditation class, to help give people a sense of calm, and to try and relieve any worries they might have.

"Based on my book, Daily Pulse: The Rhythm of the Tao, the class is an introduction to the calming and relaxing meditation technique. So if you are feeling stressed or worried during this global pandemic, or for any other reason, please join us every Monday and begin to embrace a calmer, healthier lifestyle."

For more information on SolePath, visit and while more information on the virtual meditation class can be found here.

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