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Birth Healing Summit for Practitioners Planned for April 20 – 29, 2020

Online summit for birth healing practitioners to help moms heal more completely after birth

Birth practitioners give such amazing care during the pregnancy and birth but too little focus is placed on how moms feel after birth.

    DENVER, CO, April 15, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Institute for Birth Healing is hosting its sixth Birth Healing Summit, an online conference with 20 of the most world renowned experts in the postpartum and birth healing field. Lynn Schulte, the founder of the Institute for Birth Healing, is presenting this powerful weeklong (April 20 – 29) online event for birth healing practitioners to learn how to help moms heal their bodies, minds, and spirit after birth.

This summit is valuable in a unique way this year, mainly because of the challenges of giving birth in the time of Covid-19. How will the effects of limited support and the stress of this pandemic influence mom's healing afterwards?

Many are not aware that lots of women are suffering from the challenges that childbirth creates on the body and are searching for providers to help support them now more than ever. Knowing the best practices and tools to help them is critical, especially during this time of uncertainty with the pandemic. As birth professionals, we also need to be ready for the influx of new babies going to be born in 9 to 12 months. This Birth Healing Summit is the perfect event to bring greater awareness to the plight of moms now and always.

Our birthing practices and preparations place so much focus on the pregnancy and the birth. While that is important we need to also give greater attention afterward with their recovery. Too many people suffer from birth effects and need your support.

That's why the Institute for Birth Healing has launched its sixth Birth Healing Summit, and this time it is JUST FOR Practitioners (but moms are welcome too)!

Schulte and her team will share their insights and tips in the field of postpartum healing in this FREE online conference.

The Institute for Birth Healing is helping to bring critical attention to what it takes to heal mothers completely after birth. Little regard is given to this topic, and the Birth Healing Summit aims to spread awareness and blow the lid off of the many misconceptions and myths around postpartum healing.

If you work with moms, you'll want to hear from these experts, who will share the latest research and clinical practices so you'll know what to do. Prolapse, diastasis recti, fertility, visceral manipulation, traumatic childbirth experiences, pelvic floor strength, business advice and so much more are covered in the Birth Healing Summit 2020!

In this transformational summit, topics include:

* The MAGIC of Soft Tissue Therapy in Diastasis Rehab! - JENNY BURRELL
* Gi Considerations In The Postnatal Period -SUSAN CLINTON
* Accessing Your Intuition and Following the Lead of the Body - LYNN SCHULTE
* Endometriosis and Secondary Infertility - JESSICA DRUMMOND
* Diastasis Recti, Maximizing not Minimizing Results - ANTONY LO
* Return to Running Guidelines for Postnatal Clients - EMMA BROCKWELL/GRAINNE DONNELLY
* Multimodal Assessment of DR and POP - JULIA DIPAOLO
* The All-Important And Powerful Psoas - LIZ KOCH
* Postpartum Sexual Function Rehab Considerations - KATHE WALLACE
* And so much more...

If you are a birth healing practitioner, the Birth Healing Summit will be invaluable to your practice and the moms you support. Carve out the time to learn and laugh with these amazing teachers as we help moms recover more fully after birth.

As a BONUS, Lynn Schulte will host a LIVE FACEBOOK Q&A on two evenings during the summit. You're invited to join in and ask questions.

If you are interested in joining the summit you can sign up here:

About Institute for Birth Healing

The Institute for Birth Healing is on a mission to help women worldwide heal more completely after birth. There is no reason women should suffer after childbirth. Our mission is to increase awareness of the effects birth has on the body after birth but also to improve the preparation of the body for carrying the baby and its birth. Easier births create faster recoveries. This holistic approach is at the heart of women reclaiming their feminine power to heal body + mind + spirit.

To make this dream come true, we need practitioners to grow and expand this community. Become a birth healing specialist to more effectively treat pregnant and postpartum women and empower them to live their best life as a mom.

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