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Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place Introduced After Care Program For People Dealing With Addiction And Compulsive Behaviors

Harmony Place Monterey and Dr. Mark Schwartz are striving to give the community options when it comes to addictive and compulsive behaviors.

    SANTA CRUZ, CA, May 22, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Introduced After Care Program for People Dealing with Addiction and Compulsive behaviors Harmony Place Dr. Schwartz is going the extra mile for helping people who are encountering addiction and compulsive behavior problems in their routine life. Whether you can't help yourself when it comes to shopping or gambling, Dr. Mark Schwartz will help you find a way out and get back all the control you have lost.

Feeling helpless and acting impulsively for something that can affect your mental and psychological well-being is something that you never want to experience. But, when life gets out of order, and everything falls apart around you, then seeking professional help is your best call to save you and also your family member. Addict people who show compulsive behavior not only suffer themselves but also they bring suffering toward their family.

Support of Harmony Place Monterey is not limited to people who are addicts and have shown compulsive behavior, but this umbrella also covers those people who live with addicts. It has been observed that the family of an addict suffers the most, especially the children. When a kid grows up in an environment where parents are addicted, then he has to perform a parent role most of the time, he might get strong, but it affects his self-development a lot. He finds it hard to create lasting relationships later in his adult life. A part of an addict starts depending more on his kids, and he/she finds comfort in children more than his/her partner. People who live with addicts also experience high levels of stress and trauma. Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place strongly believes that family treatment works great. Every member of the family can join the 12-step program and find some meaning in his life.

At Harmony Place, an expert therapist used a 12-step program, developed by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith in 1935. At the start, this program was used to treat only alcoholic addiction. Still, now it has been used to treat a variety of other life issues such as compulsive behavior, compulsive gambling, and compulsive shopping. A 12-step program unlocks a series of uniform steps that offer ultimate support to an individual who is feeling helpless due to his addiction and compulsion. However, the staff of Harmony Place Dr. Schwartz doesn't just treat patients with only 12-step therapy. Every person experiences obsession and addiction due to different reasons. Attendance to a 12-step support group isn't the only help provided by Harmony place. Instead, therapists work closely with the patient. Try to understand his triggers that are the main reason behind his relapses.

Aftercare program of Harmony Place, Monterey is designed to look after a person who has gained sobriety but still needs help in handling different aspects of his life. For example, going back to the office or school isn't as simple as it sounds after getting rid of compulsion and addiction. Anything can become a trigger and push a person to do the same thing all over again. In that case, Harmony Place Mark Schwartz offers that person the support he needs the most. The aftercare ranges from maintaining his interpersonal and family connection to doing great in his career and school. The individual, group, and family therapies are rendered to help a person rebuild his life and maintain healthy relationships and the environment.

If someone you love the most is suffering from addiction or compulsive behavior, then it's your time to look after him/her by getting help from Harmony Place. You can get consultancy out of the office environment by calling them at 831-747-1727 or simply visiting their website Don't let a person suffer alone in silence; offer him your helping hand now.

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