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Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd Scares Birds Away from Landfills, Protecting Us from Infections

The activities of Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd have a separate line in promoting modern automatic systems for scaring birds from large urban landfills.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is pleased to participate in aviation safety projects and is always ready to cooperate with all interested parties.

    WARSAW, POLAND, May 20, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Birds living and visiting large domestic waste landfill near cities can be a serious source of the spread of infections and diseases among residents of megacities. Both in the European region during the warmer months and in Asian countries with a warmer climate, it is likely that birds can carry from such landfills the range of infections and diseases dangerous to humans.

The activities of Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd have a separate line in promoting modern automatic systems for scaring birds from large urban landfills. Such automated systems of birds' deterrence from landfills are of high efficiency and play a considerable role in measures to ensure the infectious safety of the population and the prevention of severe and dangerous human diseases near large cities.

The larger the metropolis is the more household waste appears in landfills directly near the city. The structure of household waste is half the leftovers of putrefiable and degradable food products. Therefore, such products are a breeding ground for various viruses, bacteria and infections. The food content of landfills attracts a vast number of birds to visit landfills and nest there or nearby. Such uncontrolled visits to landfills by birds are natural mechanisms for the spread of infections and diseases in the environment, including mass infection of people.

The experience of Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd in this area has shown that modern automated systems for scaring birds from landfills do their job well. These are flexible systems that can be customized to the requirements of a particular object.

The systems offered by Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd have both acoustic channels for influencing birds and light methods. This particular combination of methods of influence on birds and constant changes in the types of influence does not allow birds to get used to such kinds of deterrence and remains active and effective for a long time.

The equipment offered by Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd has passed many tests. It has been installed at many landfills both in Asia and in the European region. Moreover, it annually shows its effectiveness, actionability and the essentiality ensuring the sanitary safety of landfills.

The motto of Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is to combine the efficiency and safety of systems for both people and birds. It is the key to a positive result from the installation and use of birdscarer systems of scaring birds from large landfills near cities.

Ensuring the proper level of sanitary safety of large domestic waste landfills using the most advanced methods and modern automated means of scaring birds is currently an obligatory standard for the functioning of household landfills in Europe and serves the purposes of the infectious safety of modern society.

The mission of "Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd." is to improve people's life globally, making it safer and more comfortable.

The conceptual ideas developed by the company are implemented in state of the art communication and data processing equipment, consumer electronics and industrial equipment, all with a purpose of quality life improvement for the people on all continents. We don't just create the products, we create added intangible values, providing reliability, safety, security and comfort.

Being a global player, we also understand and are committed to protecting and preserving the ecological balance of our planet, and environmental protection is one of our core values.

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