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COVID-19 And Unemployment Are A Leading Cause Of Depression But Harmony Place Offers Reliable Help

Harmony Place among many others helping during COVID-19 and unemployment.

    MONTEREY, CA, June 14, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As the novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the nation and across the globe, more and more people are bearing the brunt of its serious effects. From lost incomes, separation due to isolation, lost employment, and trauma associated with death and suffering, many Americans and the global population at large are facing the worst situation of a century. Analysts say the economic meltdown, ravaged families and deaths arising from the COVID-19 pandemic shall have a far-reaching emotional effect on people than we can begin to imagine. Psychologists and other experts in the mental health field suggest that there shall be an increased number of deaths of despair, which is an unprecedented increase in the deaths among middle-aged citizens due to suicide and drug abuse.

For many Americans, the stress of experiencing the aggravating effects of the pandemic and unemployment is dramatically worsening the mental health of the population. Prominent medical organizations such as the American Medical Association have warned that Coronavirus is not just a physical health problem but is in itself a mental health problem that the nation is not yet prepared to deal with. According to preliminary studies carried out both in the U.S and abroad, many people are experiencing higher rates of anxiety and depression. As a result, many people are sinking into harmful behavior due to corona-related stress.

According to a report released by Well Being Trust, a national foundation on mental wellness as well as Robert Graham Center, it is predicted that the country will witness more cases of anxiety-related disorders. Isolation, social distancing, and new ways of life have forced people into clinical depression because of coronavirus.

The telltale signs of stress include sadness, irritability, emptiness, and feeling of exhaustion. All these conditions often wear down the body and taking away comfort and reduce the ability to analyze and solve problems. Depression wastes the brain and while it is sometimes attributed to genetics, experts say environmental stress largely contributes to anxiety disorders.

The widespread effects of the virus and the inherent stress crisis are causing people to suffer significant persona losses and people exhibit grief reactions, a clear indicator of depression. As the crisis continues to unfold, the death toll is projected to rise, and for frontline people such as health professionals, the police and caregivers, acute experiences of grief and trauma will have compounding effects and escalate the risks of people suffering from depression.

Let Experienced Psychotherapists at Harmony Place Help You Adjust to the New Normal Due to COVID19

At Harmony Place Monterey, people suffering from stress-related complications can get help from individualized therapy models and a variety of psychotherapy. The treatment options available are designed to help people to develop positive interactions and adapt to an evolving situation. By working with Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place and his competent team of professionals with many combined years of experience, individuals troubled by the pandemic will be put on the path to mental recovery.

According to Harmony Place Mark Schwartz, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or TSD is the effect of extreme experiences that overwork a person's mental capacity and inability to cope with the demands of the situation. Depression is a reaction of the brain to overwhelming thoughts, recollections, and bad experiences. Usually, people in this condition often have sleep problems while some are sent into substance abuse for fear of remembering the bad experiences.

At Harmony Place, we are prepared to help clients gain skills on how to get back on track. Training patients on life skills, emotional management, and how to develop healthy relationships can go a long way to rid individuals of stress-related symptoms. Psychiatrists at Harmony Place Dr Schwartz and his team are particularly trained and skilled to deal with psychiatric symptoms. They offer responsive interventions that enhance the effectiveness of various psychotherapy treatments. If you feel overwhelmed by stress due to coronavirus disease, contact Harmony Place Monterey specialists to help you come back to life and minimize the chances of relapse in the future.

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