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Dallas Clinic Treats Peripheral Neuropathy With Great Success

ReMed Pain and Wellness Clinic successfully treats patient's severe peripheral neuropathy to get them out of pain and get a better night's sleep.

    DALLAS, TX, July 19, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A Dallas Clinic patient has been dealing with peripheral neuropathy for several years now and came to ReMed Pain and Wellness Clinic for help in February. This gentleman had been suffering with burning feet and numbness at night that would prevent him from sleeping. He was making terrific progress when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the nation. This patient was afraid of losing what he had gained from his treatment due to the shutdown. The patient decided to continue his therapy when he learned that ReMed Pain and Wellness clinic is an essential business and has been following all CDC guidelines in order to keep their patients healthy. Now he has almost no symptoms, is able to sleep better and the numbness he was experiencing is almost completely gone.

Treatments for Neuropathy at Remed Pain and Wellness Clinic

Neuropathy is another term for nerve damage. Doctors often do not recognize nerve damage because of the different signs of sickness that affect the body. Damage to the nerves of your peripheral nervous system is called peripheral neuropathy. The most important cause of neuropathy is Diabetes which results in high blood sugar levels. This health condition damages nerves significantly.

Many people experience a variety of symptoms when dealing with peripheral neuropathy, this could include:

Ankle and foot pain
Swelling in the knees, calves, or shoulders
Limited range of movement
Numbness & tingling in the outer regions/feet or hands and limbs
Shaking or weakness
Headaches & migraines
Long lasting pain and tiredness
Stiff neck muscles
Back pain
Inability to feel pain
Burning feeling
Pins and needles
Inability to sleep

PRP injections not only help to increase healing but also strengthen soft tissue to get the patient long term relief. Chiropractic adjustments may also be used to treat symptoms.

Platelets are parts in your blood that release growth factors or healing proteins that aid in all-natural pain relief. To prepare PRP, we draw a small amount of the patients' blood and place it in a special medical device that separates the different parts. Once the blood platelets have been separated from the others in the blood, they are concentrated to about five to ten times what is usually found in the patients' blood and built up again with plasma. PRP therapy is an advanced treatment being used to help and sometimes treat neuropathic conditions.

About the Clinic

ReMed Pain and Wellness Clinic has been helping patients with many injuries since 1991. This includes work and automobile injuries, personal injuries including slips or falls, as well as nerve disease or damage, knee pain and chiropractic care. This Dallas Clinic is equipped with highly trained doctors, therapist and support staff. Whether or not the patient has been experiencing long lasting pain or a recent injury, ReMed can help find the root of the pain and assist in fast, effective relief. Many patients have reported excellent care and customer happiness.

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