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COVID-19 Causes Groundless Discrimination and Hatred

In South Korea, certain religions and sects are being discriminated.

    BRIBANE, AUSTRALIA, August 04, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Asian-Australians are racially discriminated segregated by the Coronavirus, the survey found. They said that they have been threatened physically or by weapons, and have heard racist comments that Asians should stay indoors. According to the Asian Australia Alliance, it received a total of 377 reports of racism in two months from 2nd April to 2nd June, an average of 47 cases per week.

In South Korea, certain religions and sects are being discriminated. In particular, discrimination against Protestant denominations is notable, followed by discriminatory treatment, such as banning gatherings of churches and religious facilities. Among them, a pressing investigation into the Shincheonji Church shows discrimination against certain churches.

The church said it is fully cooperating with the public health authorities to end the COVID-19 outbreaks. Also, the church expressed resentment over 'secondary damage' from the 'heresy frame' placed by mainstream protestant groups, media and government authorities. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(KCDC) admitted that the church is indeed cooperating with the authorities.

"In South Korea, the members of the religious minority, Shincheonji Church of Jesus—labeled "heretical" by fundamentalist conservative Christian organization —are facing a probe after a congregation became the center of the country's biggest outbreak in February," has reported in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Justice, Human rights NGOs and religious communities around the world are raising their voices to stop the oppression, which infringe the religious freedom and human rights violations. 11 NGOs, including European Coordination of Associations and Individuals for Freedom of Conscience (CAP-LC), submitted a report for 'annual report for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights' to the UN Secretary-General at the 44th session in the UN Assembly Human Rights Council. The report to the UN said, "some government measures appeared to be driven by legitimate public health concerns, others overstate appeared to exaggerate the church's role in the disease outbreaks."

Also, after submitting the list of Shincheonji members, more than over 6,000 cases of serious human rights violations and discrimination have been reported, such as harassing, bullying, and forced leave at the workplace against Shincheonji members. The number is still increasing.

Some politicians forcibly revoked the license of not only Shincheonji but also an international peace organization, HWPL, whose chairman is also the chairman of Shincheonji Church.

Religious communities, are writing letters to urge the government to stop the differential treatments and advocate improvements.

Meanwhile, as of 29th July, 384 cases of infection and 6 deaths were reported in Victoria, Australia. Australia has had 9,049 infections so far, confirmed active cases are 4,775 and 83 deaths.

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