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Clinical Research Validates the Effectiveness of MindCotine's Virtual Reality Smartphone-based Approach to Smoking Cessation

Randomized Controlled Trial Finds 33% of Smokers Successfully Quit Smoking Using MindCotine, Versus 5% That Successfully Quit on Their Own

"MindCotine's vision is to help change the addictive behaviors of billions of people worldwide who lack access to solutions," said Emilio Goldenhersch, CSO and co-founder of MindCotine.

    SAN JOSE, CA, August 03, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- MindCotine, the only provider of a Virtual Reality Smartphone-based smoking cessation solution, today announced that its flagship product, MindCotine, was the subject of a newly published clinical research study that involved Johns Hopkins University, Universidad of Flores, The Research Laboratory of Neuroscience and Social Sciences and four additional parties. This is one of few research studies to be published featuring a smoking cessation smartphone application that is available to the public, and the first to consider the impact of a remote virtual reality cardboard headset in a smoking cessation solution application. MindCotine is a self-administered treatment that features Virtual Reality, cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness, and community support, and provides smokers with an accessible and cost-effective digital intervention solution for smoking cessation.

The research shows that of the 120 people in the MindCotine treatment group 93% completed the 21-day program. Thirty-three percent of those who completed the 21-day MindCotine program were still smoke-free 90 days after completing the program, as opposed to 5% of those in the control group who used a smoking cessation manual to assist with quitting. While 67% who participated in the MindCotine treatment program did not quit smoking, at the end of the 90-day post-program check-in they had been able to reduce their cigarette consumption by 68% (on average). The full research study and explanation of the methodology can be found here.

"MindCotine's vision is to help change the addictive behaviors of billions of people worldwide who lack access to solutions. We started with tobacco consumption because there are a billion smokers in the world, and half of them struggle to quit smoking every year," said Emilio Goldenhersch, CSO and co-founder of MindCotine. "But it's more serious than this because, only two percent of one billion smokers globally have access to solutions to help them quit, and 95% of smokers who try to quit on their own, fail to do so, making it clear that there is a huge need for solutions that can match the accessibility and penetration of the problem. This research validates that VR + CBT + Mindfulness can improve the chances to help global smokers, providing a personalized, remote, and highly efficient smoking cessation solution."

Tobacco products kill eight million people every year and smoking-related illnesses in the United States alone costs $300 billion. Due to the rise in popularity of vaping, particularly youth who are targeted with candy-like flavors, as well as concerns about how available research suggests that smokers are a higher risk of developing severe disease and death due to Covid-19, the need for access to affordable, engaging and effective smoking cessation solutions may be more critical than ever before.

MindCotine is the first out-patient/remote solution combining cognitive-behavioral cue-exposure therapy and mindfulness, in VR environments (VR-MET™) to train the cognitive system to overcome addictive cravings. These methodologies are staples with in-person therapy and restricted to in-patient treatments. Using VR-MET™ we are able to achieve higher efficacy rates, delivered to each user/patient directly, using VR to target the craving/reward mechanisms, while mindfulness training creates the awareness and skills needed to curb cravings.

Based on learnings from the study newly revamped 21-day MindCotine solution cessation solution now includes:
A Redesigned, More Engaging Experience featuring modules for the smoking cessation journey from preparation, to taking action, to maintenance.
Brain Training with Virtual Reality and Mindfulness to Overcome Cravings that immerse users in real-life situations that help them recognize and overcome the daily cravings.
An Empowerment Dashboard to help users keep track of progress like never before.
Human-to-Human Coaching that connects users with a real-life certified coach every week to increase their chances to stay on track and quit.
Lifesavers, which include hundreds of short exercises and meditations to help users surf the cravings when they appear.

About MindCotine
MindCotine, Inc. is a health and wellness company focused on eliminating addictive behaviors globally, assisting billions to improve their lives through personalized and self-administered digital therapeutics. MindCotine's goal is to help change addictive behaviors targeting billions of users who lack access to mental health solutions. MindCotine's flagship product, which is for smoking cessation, includes a mobile app and a VR-Kit, that trains smokers to quit by combining Virtual Reality, Psychological Therapy (CBT) with Mindfulness, and a Craving Support Center with on-demand coaching support.

MindCotine is a privately-held company headquartered in San Jose, Calif. For more information, please visit

To get started on your smoking cessation journey with MindCotine, you can set up an appointment here or purchase a kit here. For more information on partnership inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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