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2020 Division: Third Episode of 'Take It Or Leave It' Sees Dr. Taber Tackle 2020's Biggest Issues, Part One Is Streaming Now

Barbara Taber, Ed.D., esteemed educator and online host, has unveiled the third episode of her hit series. The episode, a deep dive into 2020's main topics, is being rolled out in four parts starting today.

The 2020 zeitgeist is too explosive and life-changing to ignore... The fate of America hangs in the balance, and I really want my words to open up some eyes and ears to this fact.

    SUFFOLK, VA, August 07, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Not too long ago, Take It or Leave It debuted its second episode, a provocative and challenging exploration of school and classroom violence. It was created before (but released during) the COVID-19 pandemic. While the show's producers made every effort to ensure the episode didn't scan as "tone deaf" amidst the growing problems of 2020, it became quickly apparent that a change would need to be made to the show's existing schedule.

In short: the current state of the world would need to be properly addressed if Take It Or Leave It was going to live up to its own standard as set by Dr. Taber herself.

"We lucked out with Episode Two," explains Dr. Barbara Taber. "The strength and timelessness of the material allowed it succeed in a very big way. However, we didn't want to draw from the same reservoir yet again, as planned. At least not right now."

From there, Dr. Taber and her dedicated production team set out to tackle the weighty issues plaguing us in 2020: coronavirus, civil rights, sociopolitical unrest, the upcoming presidential election, and so much more. Also, in keeping with the tone of the program, these things would need to be handled in an unflinching manner, and the entire team would have to go where most fear to tread.

Let's face it: having Barbara Taber sit on the sidelines for this unique chapter in history would be a really, really foolish idea.

So, she was let loose in the arena of chaos, disease and dysfunction that is this year in our lives. Providing a no holds barred approach, Dr. Taber aims not only to share her strong opinions, but also provide some much needed clarity to the increasingly blurry view of a divided nation. The culmination of these efforts and tenets is Take It Or Leave It's third episode, 2020 Division, a four-part miniseries clocking in at over 90 minutes, and touching everything you'd want Dr. Taber to discuss right now—and then some!

"We never intended for a four-part centerpiece to this season, but the 2020 zeitgeist is too explosive and life-changing to ignore," says Dr. Taber. "The fate of America hangs in the balance, and I really want my words to open up some eyes and ears to this fact."

Part One, which is debuting today, takes a close look at remote learning during the pandemic, civil rights, Trump vs. Biden, and lots more. It is streaming now on Dr. Taber's official website.

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Take It Or Leave It, Episode Three: 2020 Division (Part One)