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Startup Launches First Molecular Clock Planned to Determine Human Skin Chronological Age

OneSkin, Brazilian born startup situated in the Silicon Valley, became a pioneer in the market with the launching of MolClock.

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 08, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it is also our natural barrier against loss of water, physical lesions and infections. However, we constantly neglect this organ of such important functions and vital to keep us safe and sound.

According to a research made by the National Cancer Institute, INCA (in Portuguese), the number of non-melanoma skin cancer cases expected for each year from 2020 to 2022 is above 176 thousand. For melanoma skin cancer the estimate is 8 thousand cases.

Unfortunately, our skin is also highly affected by surrounding factors such as solar exposure and pollution. That is why studies made concerning skin and longevity are the rather more important to keep sound our skin in order to promote global healthiness.

Minding that, OneSkin, an enterprise created and led by Brazilians and settled in the Silicon Valley, which operates in the line of researches and development of products aimed at longevity, has just launched the first molecular clock planned to determine human skin chronological age, the MolClock.

Its announcement was made together with a first publication on the distinguished international scientific journal Clinical Epigenetics, with an article titled "Highly accurate skin-specific methylome analysis algorithm as a platform to screen and validate therapeutics for healthy aging".

MolClock: a revolutionary API in the longevity market

MolClock is a new Application Programming Interface (API). It was created by OneSkin's co-Founder and Bioinformatics Chief Mariana Boroni, PhD, in partnership with its team. It has the potential of drastically transforming the way scientists measure skin molecular age, what indicates its general health, and the efficiency of products and cutaneous interventions from a molecular level.

Brazilian entrepreneur, CEO at 2Future holding – an entrepreneurial group representing the operations of a Family Office in three continents – and OneSkin's investor Luís Felipe Neiva Silveira declares that the MolClock is a great conquest, but it is also necessary to keep oneself down-to-earth until it positively impacts the life of thousands of people.

"That's our objective and such success is only and exclusively due to the excellency of our teams and the mentality of always wanting to do the right thing. We feel we're creating a chain for the good. The more we act with a focus on the good, the more blessed we are in terms of results," declares Luís Felipe.

In an article published on the site of the enterprise, Mariana declares that the MolClock is available for free and public use, in an effort to forwarding the study on molecular aging and investigation on longevity to scientists everywhere.

"The OneSkin team is engaged in making the science and knowledge subjacent to human aging advance, which extends beyond the consumer products we develop. We have specifically built the MolClock as a platform of easy handling where anyone [anywhere] in the whole [wide] world can easily load one's methylation data so as to obtain a DNAm age prediction for each sample," she highlighted.

Investor Luís Felipe Neiva Silveira declares still that the MolClock can provide information on the organism just like a car panel provides information on the car.

"Why do we have all we need to know about our car, but often don't know anything about our health? Humanity had taken long to awake in relation to this subject, but now that it has awaken, this will definitely alter the perspective of how we act and of our dreams," he emphasizes.

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