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Global Advanced Materials Pandemic & Future Preparedness Task Force (AMPT) Successfully Hosts First Vision Accelerator Virtual Event

AMPT conducts first Vision Accelerator event to present and debate current state of activities, research, commercial products and strategic roadmap for use of advanced materials in addressing the needs of the pandemic and post pandemic world.

"AMPT is more than a network or a platform. It is a vision to tackle the complexity of future challenges and turn them into opportunities and benefits for society and humanity." said Dr. Carlo Iorio

    NASHVILLE, TN, August 13, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Advanced Materials Pandemic & Future Preparedness Taskforce (AMPT)— an elite, non-political international task force formed to coordinate and fast track advanced material solutions to address global challenges such as COVID19— announces the successful conclusion of the first global Vision Accelerator virtual convening event.

The Vision Accelerator was held on 28th August with more than 190 attendees from 40 countries, 30% C-suite participation from commercial segment and 21 internationally recognized speakers covering topics on advanced material impact during pandemics.

"These are unprecedented dark times but the silver lining that I see in this pandemic is the fast-tracking of innovation and global partnerships," said Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker, Director General at AMPT.

"The ability of AMPT, its chapters and working groups to quickly move from a networking forum to a platform delivering tangible results is a decisive turning point. The world needs solutions and we need them fast. Advanced materials are a part of this solution and AMPT's global network, activities, data consolidation, advocacy and strategic roadmapping will write a new playbook in how the global advanced material community can come together to help," she added.

"AMPT is more than a network or a platform. It is a vision to tackle the complexity of future challenges and turn them into opportunities and benefits for society and humanity," said Dr. Carlo Iorio from Universite Libre de Bruxelles and AMPT Strategy Committee.

Interactive discussion and AMPT Working Group reports confirmed that AMPT activities have successfully moved from concept to the initial results to create a strategic platform, infrastructure and an ecosystem network that can help the synergistic development of advanced material solutions.

Topics for the fireside chat, status of research, graphene product solutions and advanced material use included;

• Advanced Materials & the COVID Era: The realistic potential in Global Health emergencies
• The Post-COVID world: An opening for innovation with Material Science
• Advanced material solutions & products on the market
• AMPT Map of Needs: What are the innovation needs of sectors such as medical, sports, manufacturing, air travel, hospitality, retail in the post COVID era?
• How will is this pandemic change consumer trends
• Advanced Materials, Applied Public Health & EHS

Dr. Frank Koppens Group leader at Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Spain and AMPT Steering Committee members, further states: "An extensive amount of research has been redirected toward using advanced materials to solve COVID-19 related solutions that are moving quickly from the lab to the marketplace. As leaders we need to orient research that can be adopted quickly by commercial entities around the world to fight COVID-19 and humanitarian needs at a global level."

Among the internationally recognized panel of Advanced Material experts participating in the Vision Accelerator were:
• Dr. Jiaxing Huang (Northwestern University and AMPT Steering Committee)
• Dr. Mauricio Terrones (Penn State University)
• Dr. Vladimir Falko (National Graphene Institute at University of Manchester)
• Dr. Lucia Delogu (University of Padua)
• Gregory Nichols (Gp Nichols & Company)
• Ross Bundy (Cardea Bio)
• Ray Gibbs (Planar Tech)
• Manolo Almagro & Ben Gauthier (Q Division)
• Dr. Baig Al-Muhit (Vanderbilt University)
• Dr. Kari Hjelt (Graphene Flagship and AMPT Steering Committee)
• John Hoffman (GSMA and AMPT Steering Committee Chair)

"At Planar Tech we are seeing global demand for our Graphene Based solutions that we never anticipated. This demand is real and will accelerate as we continue to roll out new products using Advanced Materials to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. I was honored to be part of the initial Vision Accelerator and hope to continue my personal participation as well as use Planar Tech to support AMPT activities into the future," said Ray Gibbs, Chairman of Planar Tech.

In addition to announcing the next Vision Accelerator event in November of 2020, the taskforce announces the launch of the "AMPT Navigator Course series" designed to deliver targeted education and information bundles to help stakeholders navigate advanced material uses and potential in addressing emerging global challenges. The first AMPT Navigator series: "A Crash course on Public Health & Advanced Materials" will start in September 2020.

A recording of the Vision Accelerator event is made available to the public at

Advanced Material Pandemic and Future Preparedness Taskforce (AMPT) is an international public-interest initiative focused on using Advances in Material Science to help solve some of humanity's most pressing challenges.

As an international cooperative platform, the multidisciplinary taskforce is building a global infrastructure and an ecosystem network that enables the advanced material community to respond swiftly and effectively under the umbrella of Future Preparedness. The AMPT Future Preparedness verticals include: preparedness for Emergencies & Disasters such as pandemics, preparedness for Emerging Needs such as Green renewable energy and quantum technology infrastructure and preparedness for Global Challenges such as climate change and carbon waste. Through this global platform, AMPT is set to gather and disseminate critical information & intelligence. Communicate. Coordinate. Strategize. Mobilize expertise and resources and Respond.

Currently with over 15 country chapters, 10 working groups and over 30 institutions, AMPT is set to establish a comprehensive roadmap, library of knowledge and map of user-centric needs to to deliver a framework to devise strategies, coordinate global activities and fast track solutions to address the technological and societal needs of the post pandemic world.

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