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inCruises Cruise Membership: Earn Money While You Travel or From Home

Despite economic challenges, Incruises is allowing customers to travel around the world.

    BOCA RATON, FL, August 19, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Every person who doesn't like their stressful job dreams of starting his own business, although starting a company is easier said than done. Opportunities are out there, and inCruises International, the largest cruise membership club in the world, provides you with one such opportunity.

How Can You Make Money with inCruises

First of all, there are two ways of making money once you become an inCruise member: passive income and active income.

Once you join the inCruises' membership program, you immediately gain discounts, bonuses, cruise rewards, etc. And all of these will let you go on cruise vacations at lower prices than you would typically pay for such travels. For example, the inCruises membership fee is $100/month. However, every time you pay this sum, you will receive $200 'Cruise Dollars.'

But, what exactly are 'cruise dollars'? Let us explain. Suppose you have been a member of inCruises for six months running, which means that you have already paid the company $600 by way of membership fees. If you decide to take a cruise vacation that costs $1,200, you won't need to pay a dime for the travel since you already have $1,200 cruise dollars sitting in your account.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. inCruises offers a whole range of compensation programs and earning opportunities for its members. inCruises does not believe in spending those hundreds of millions of dollars required for direct marketing. Instead, the advertising of the company is taken care of by the members themselves. All the millions of dollars, which otherwise would have been pocketed by a marketing agency, go directly to the members---i.e., people who themselves use the services and products of the company.

inCruises Compensation Plans

Since the company depends on what you may call 'word-of-mouth' advertising, all you need to earn money with inCruises is recruit people. And every person that buys a membership through you becomes part of your Team.

You will also be happy to know that there are as many as SIX ways in which you can earn money with inCruises. These are:

Recruitment Commissions: You can earn $50-$150 for each member you recruit. As you can guess, the commission for each recruit increases in line with the number of your recruited members.

Residual Commission: You can also receive residual commissions from the sales performed by one or more members of your team and the downlines of your members and the downlines after that.

Producer Bonus: If you sell three or more travel subscriptions in a month, you receive 100 cruise dollars in bonus.

Bonus Pool: Every month, the company distributes 5 percent of its total sales volume equally to all inCruises Qualifying Leaders.

Travel Rewards: If you can recruit seven new members in 2 months, you receive a 50% discount on your cruise vacation. If you can hire 14 or more during the same period, you get to travel FREE.

Rank Achievement Bonus: Like in a typical company, you are awarded ranks and promotions (depending on your performance) at inCruises. From Marketing Director to Executive Director, the Rank Bonuses range from $300 to $25,000 monthly. For example, a National Director receives a monthly rank bonus of $5,000. This goes up to $10,000 monthly for an International Director and so on. What is more, a member can even become part of the Board of Directors, in which case he will earn a monthly $55,000 in rank bonus, in addition to a whole lot of other benefits.

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