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Real Estate Developer Jerome Karam To Construct College Of Mainland's New Educational Facility

Jerome Karam - Friendswood Texas' Philanthropist

    FRIENDSWOOD, TX, August 22, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When looking for reputable and trustworthy real estate developers, residential and business owners must take time investigating the reputation built by a particular team. Jerome Karan has created a strong legacy in the real estate sector, developing new opportunities in various industries.

Recently he invested his time and skills in education after winning the contract for constructing an educational center in League City. This area is expected to provide new opportunities for students in the future, providing them with a convenient space for undertaking various studies.

What makes Jerome Karam stand out in this sector is that he has extensive experience in real estate after completing several projects in southern Louisiana. He is committed to creating a better world, creating a reliable institution that will serve a large group of people in League City.

How is Jerome creating new educational opportunities?

Jerome has taken the initiative of creating a large institution in League City, connecting people from all over the world. It's is to be created with modern architectural designs proving a favorable environment for students.

Besides advanced designs, Jerome advocates for the school to be strategically located to enhance accessibility. Students will now learn from an expert working closely in this project. He believes that filed work needs extensive training and practice. For this reason, Jerome works closely with his team on this project, sharing various insights to help them understand new designs.

Why Jerome Karam stands out

Mainland College Board of trustees chose Jerome Karam after extensive consideration of his previous experiences. Previously Jerome put in place old places and transitioned them into new beautiful designs. For this, he has created a good track record after reforming the largest gym city in Texas City.

Jerome Karam is also the brains and power behind the creation of the largest trampoline park still in Texas City. His legacy goes beyond these buildings as he has been involved in many constructions transforming old buildings into appreciated and recognized sites.

The board of trustees in this school also had the same thought when hiring Jerome Karam for this project. They did not think twice since they needed someone who can create something useful for the students. This project will receive lease money to start, and once completed, students are expected to enroll immediately.

Importance of New League City Educational Center Project

It was among the agreement not to use any bond or taxes as finance for this project. They figured out that school fees will be enough for the overall project reconstructing this building, which was a church before this new contract.

People from League City will have added advantage enrolling students in this new educational pace. It is strategically located, and over 60% of the students will come from League City. These students will avoid any transport or hostel fees.

It's a good idea for these students to pursue their dreams from League City walking each day to class. Previously most people in League City remained at home and walked in the wrong career line due to the inaccessibility of learning institutions. The new project now remedies this case.

This place of land is 27, 570 square feet long, and was previously the Methodist church. Jerome knows how to repurpose the same building into something unique and essential to society. He believes that it's possible to create a generation where students become independent in the future.

Students who will join League City College will earn new professional skills, which will help them become famous people in society.

Jerome Karam in Friendswood is devoted to repurposing the previous Methodist church into a reputable educational center. He has extensive skills and determination to change the future of young people enrolling in this school. He was given the contract by the board of trustees of Mainland University.

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