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How MyCleanPC Solves Work From Home Struggles

With more people than ever working from home, MyCleanPC is helping workers to be productive

    SANTA MONICA, CA, September 11, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Before the pandemic started, working from home was considered as an alternative lifestyle. It was considered easy by many because you don't have to commute, dress up, deal with co-workers, and suffer other inconveniences. While this setup does have its perks, most realize that it is not as easy as it seems. Millions of workers are forced to stay at home for the health and safety of everyone. They are stuck all day with their children, who are also studying at home for the same reasons. They now face issues that they never had to contend with in the past.

Juggling Work and Parenting

People have to juggle their work and their kids. Both require their attention. In the past, they could leave the house and focus on work throughout the day. They can be productive at the office while kids are in school or daycare. When they return home, they can switch gears and be the parents that they need to be. There are no such boundaries when you work at home as the kids could pop in and ask for your attention. Although they would like to be there for their children, they are often swamped with tasks and are unable to do more.

Lacking Time for Self

Being at home all day doesn't mean you have it easy. You still need to finish work, be there for your kids, do the chores, etc. You can't rely on nannies, daycares, or schools to mind the children since they are all closed. You can't just eat at a restaurant or a cafeteria, so you have to prepare the meals. All of the additional tasks mean that adults have to make some sacrifices, usually in terms of sleep and personal time. This might work at first, but it can lead to burnout in the long run.

Being Your Own IT Support

Offices have their own dedicated IT staff to take care of tech issues. Employees don't have to worry because someone will always be there to fix their computer or corporate accounts. In work from home situations, this might not be as straightforward. IT staff are far away and swamped with calls. Many are forced to step up and fix problems on their own. Not everyone is tech-savvy. Even things that some consider simple might feel incredibly tricky for individuals who are not used to dealing with computers. MyCleanPC can provide the help they sorely need.

MyCleanPC Changes the Game

MyCleanPC is a program that automates crucial tasks so that people can keep their computers running efficiently without calling for a technician. It works by scanning the system for files that might be slowing it down. Within minutes, you will be able to see offending items in your system. It recognizes problematic files instantly, so you don't have to do manual searches or make wild guesses. It will tell you what's wrong right away so that you can act accordingly. Delete the files in one click and feel the difference right away. With a faster computer, work tasks can get finished quicker than ever before.

This means that parents can have more time with their children. They don't have to feel guilty for prioritizing the work and neglecting them because they can have the best of both worlds. At the very least, their computer won't be slowing them down. They can prepare meals, wash dishes, do the laundry, and submit a comprehensive report all in one day. They can stop working earlier so they can even have some time for themselves. Some might use it for exercising, reading, resting, or restarting their old hobbies. With MyCleanPC, all of these and more become possible.

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