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Entrepreneurs Venture on Enterprise Which Joins Technology and Agriculture, Creating Nanosatellites that Analyse the Earth's Soil

Created in 2015, HyperCubes proposes to revolutionize the way agriculture is viewed and seeks to bring new perspectives for the future

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, September 16, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Transformations in the world happen in high speed and technological innovations make the day to day of society better and more practical, inclusively in agriculture. Technologies such as machine learning allow us to make analyses of complex data and deliver fast and precise results. Through these, it is possible to obtain improvements with a larger food production, an increase in profits and efficiency, as well as guaranteeing a higher security in operations.

With the increase of global population, the necessity of food production, which consequently grows as well, becomes a challenge for agriculturists. According to a report by the United Nations published last year, the [world] population should reach 9.7 billion in 2050, an increase of two billion compared to the current population. In order that agriculture continues to produce and provide the necessary quantity of food, it is fundamental to implement the use of technologies.

HyperCubes – information directly from space
Having an eye to that, HyperCubes, founded in 2015 by Brazilian scientist and entrepreneur Fábio Teixeira, has assumed the responsibility of being protagonist of a better future and has developed technologies which allow nanosatellites to photograph the surface of the Earth and analyse the health of the soil, a collection of technologies which reveal information obtained directly from space.

The startup seeks to be an agent of change for current problems of society. "The idea is producing a case on how to produce more food with less resources and less environmental impact," explains Fábio. One of the purposes of HyperCubes is to put an end to hunger in the world.

Brazilian entrepreneur Luís Felipe Neiva Silveira, concerned with the future, is one of HyperCubes' investors. "I understand that it can positively impact the life of billions of people, [and] this satisfies my willingness of yielding something good for the future generations. I understand that the enterprise is proposed to be a platform focused on the prosperous development of various sectors, such as agriculture," declares Luís Felipe. The technology developed by HyperCubes is turned to bring new perspectives for the future of society.

How do nanosatellites work?
From the reflex of each colour of the sun rays, nanosatellites are capable of determining the chemical composition of the soil and the plant; from the analysis of the reflexion of each prismatic colour, they can verify the presence of molecules, and through that the agriculturist can measure the quantity of inputs which is needed to be used on the earth in order to reach its point of production or even identify plagues and invading species. The network of sensors is capable of providing the [one] fundamental component for a sustainable future, information.

"One thing is taking a picture to observe a problem, but when you process those data in the satellite itself, you can program the constellation to search for that problem we already know whenever it flies over it. We leave a passive monitoring behind and pass to an active monitoring," explains Fábio about the capacity of monitoring.

Even without having sent its first nanosatellite, which will occur between the end of this year and the beginning of 2021, the enterprise already has an enormous demand for its services. Currently it works with a network of agriculturists with more than 200 thousand co-operators. "The technology approached by HyperCubes is indispensable for the well-being of the population on Earth. A lot of work will be necessary and the enterprise will need a lot of cooperation, since the more data we be able to obtain and utilize, the more efficient will be the operation," highlights Luís Felipe.

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