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Why Accredited Programs Like ViewPoint Center Stand Out

Accreditation is vital when finding a program for your child.

    SALT LAKE CITY, UT, September 23, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When families deal with a loved one suffering from any mental health issue, a residential treatment center makes a lot of sense. There are locations all around the United States and other solutions that might make sense for an individual. While there are more and more options to pick from, not all of them have the proper accreditation.

What does it take to become accredited as a residential treatment center? The ViewPoint Center in Syracuse, Utah, worked hard to earn its accreditation. This accreditation gives families a trusted sense of security that they are getting the best help possible. Families eventually have a clear picture of diagnosis and recommendations for the next steps. For many, it could be the difference between only visiting a center once and needing continued assistance with programs down the line. Faster, more efficient help is always the preferred option to turn lives around.

The main factors below are what people will notice with an accredited option. While other variables could also play a factor, keep these in mind.


Every single patient should expect proper specialization to receive the help they need. The amount of patients at any given time is small on purpose, as accredited residential treatment centers like ViewPoint want the opportunity for one-on-one time when necessary. Being able to focus on specific issues that a person might be facing is crucial. ViewPoint covers many different types of mental health-related struggles that pop up with patients every single year.

Proper medical care

Medical care from an accredited RTC is a given. With so many places unaccredited, it can be pretty scary for people to research some of the practices they go through to cut corners. Family members at home might be shocked to see just how little medical care is available around the clock.

ViewPoint Center offers a team of medical professionals to help out at all hours of the day. This includes 24-hour nursing and specialists that are in throughout the week. All of them are fully licensed to work in their specific fields so that children get the best healthcare possible.

Safe, clean, and professional

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the focus of safety and cleanliness at any residential treatment center worldwide. For a center to keep its accreditation, the accommodations offered to patients must be top-notch. At any given time, a teenager must be in a safe environment while on campus. Staying up to code with healthcare requirements is necessary to avoid any penalties or potentially a loss of accreditation.

Becoming accredited as a center provides peace of mind to those back home. The professional staff must adhere to guidelines set by a larger governing body, setting up a system that allows for the safest environment possible for families to send their child.

Proven results

Treatment centers live and die by results, and accredited centers tend to lead nationally. As part of the accreditation process, there is a proven line of evidence-based practice for proper care. Whether it is meeting those set standards or showing improvement in clinical and healthcare outcomes, no family feels confident if there is no proven record of results. ViewPoint proudly touts an outstanding track record of bringing in new patients and getting them on the proper track to long-term success.


An accredited facility must be transparent about their practices and an open book in general. This is to not only bring in new patients along the way but to show what they are doing throughout the weeks with patients. If an organization is discreet with precisely what they do to help out individuals, it is usually a sign of not adhering to specific standards.

ViewPoint accreditation

Currently, accreditation for ViewPoint comes from several healthcare institutions. Each one has its own set of standards for healthcare organizations. The Joint Commission, the Utah Department of Health, and the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) all endorse ViewPoint as a safe, effective program for families to utilize.

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