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"Meat Avatar" .... The Plant Based Meat Brand Made in Asia: Tasty and Healthy Products for all Mankind!

Food Innovation for a Green Future

'Meat Avatar - The Plant-Based Meat of Asia', the future meat without meat that everyone can buy!

    CAMBRIDGE, MA, September 25, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Plant based meat is meat that is made from plants. Plants would be main ingredients and were modified to have textures and tastes similar to real meat. In other countries, plant based meat is produced in the form of burger meat, nugget, minced meat or even sausage following the popularity of consuming meat from plants which is gradually increasing these days. Meat Avatar is the leading Thai start-up that got an idea to create Asian style of plant based meat for Asian and for people who want to stay healthy. The first product of Meat Avatar is plant based crispy pork which gets a nice uptick from customers. Meat Avatar also has plant based minced pork and fried eggs. Recently they just launched ground beef as the latest product for everyone to try it out!

The volitation of Meat Avatar is not just wanting everyone to take care of their health more only but also would like to invite everyone to be a part of fixing the global warming issue. We can start from ourselves by eating less meat in daily life because in fact livestocks are one of the influential determinants that causes global warming up to 18%! Moreover, industrial livestocks around the world can produce greenhouse gas immensely each year and also need a huge amount of plants to feed those animals. Many forests were destroyed to be a place to grow enough plants for feeding.

Plant based meat is also a new choice for vegetarians and it is also for new generations that are more and more interested in eating clean and organic food. Eating plant based contains many advantages whether taking care of your health, the word and reducing persecution of animals.

Meat Avatar sees the problem that plant based meat brands in other countries are expensive at double the price of the real meat. So, they want to create a plant based meat by using raw materials in Asia easily such as soybean, pea and mushroom to produce plant based products at a reasonable price for everyone. They have spent time collecting information, inventing receipts and experimenting longer than 5 years until they get quality products for the market. Plant based meat of Meat Avatar is made to look like real meat utterly. Furthermore, it is composed of nutrients as much as protein from real meat by selecting raw materials that have high protein. For the texture of plant based crispy pork, it looks so much like real crispy pork which has layers of skin and fat. When you cook typical crispy pork meals from it such as crispy pork fried with chilli and salt or Pad Thai crispy pork, It is super tasty and you can eat it as much as you want without worrying about chorestorols.

Before they could get this perfect plant based crispy pork, they needed to evolve and test the receipts more than hundred times until they knew how to use plant protein textures to make fat layers out of it. For other products, minced pork is made from soybean and shiitake which is well known for its good taste and profits. Plant based fried egg is made by carrot, pumpkin and beetroot that have similar colors to the york and use tofu for the white part of the egg. All materials were made from plants and vegetables that have various benefits.

For those who have read the story of Meat Avatar and want to start eying opportunities for investment in this startup, they are now open for outside investors the opportunity to invest in an early-stage fund investing (Series A Financing). They hope to welcome all visionary investors who put their interest in food technology startup company. You can reach them at [email protected]

You can follow their news and activities via Meat Avatar Facebook On Facebook, they have many interesting menus for you as ideas for cooking too. Enjoy your tasty and healthy meal Bon Appetit! :)

It is Plant-Based!

Meat Avatar is the leader of Plant-Based Meat from Asia (Thailand). They are committed to develop Plant-Based Meat products as an alternative for people who are concerned about their health and environment. Eating Meat Avatar is more than just eating vegetable for health, but giving you a chance to save the world!

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