All Press Releases for September 25, 2020

Great Hawk to Supply Hospitals & Schools with 30,000,000 NIOSH-Certified N95 Respirators for Preventing the 2nd Wave of COVID-19

It is EXCITED for American hospitals & schools to acquire ENOUGH N95 respirators, overcome its supply SHORTAGE, and prevent MILLIONS of people from COVID-19 infections.

"Great Hawk™ N95 respirator is perfectly fit, breathable, comfortable and cool. I wear it everyday since the COVID-19 pandemic. It's my favorite to protect my health!" -- Professor Dr. Hengyucius

    SEATTLE, WA, September 25, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Great Hawk Air Service ("GHA") is pleased to announce that it has prepared 30,000,000 N95 respirators for hospitals, medical centers, clinics, healthcare operations, senior living facilities, universities and K-12 schools. All of its N95 respirators are NIOSH-certified, CDC-recommended and FDA-authorized to be used for both medical and non-medical applications to combat the COVID-19 pandemics.

As coronavirus infection rates rise across Europe and America again, the 2nd wave of COVID-19 causes approximate 1,000,000 people to be infected everyday. To date, there have been 32,000,000 confirmed cases with 978,000 deaths worldwide.

One of the main reasons that caused such massive infections and deaths shall be MASSIVE SHORTAGE of N95 respirators in Americas, India and European countries.

"Six months later, that shortage persists, leaving health-care workers exposed, patients at risk and public health experts flummoxed… At Hopkins, nurses are asked to keep wearing their N95s until the masks are broken or visibly dirty." Washington Post stated.

Similar situations are happening at universities throughout USA as schools reopen for the fall semester. Although all the American universities have taken precautions, it seems that they are not effective enough. The reason is VERY simple. Because domestic face masks and cloth face coverings are NOT effective to prevent wearers from COVID-19 infections. Even FDA-certified surgical masks are not enough to prevent wearers from infections of such SMALL viruses.

Technically, one N95 respirator's filter effectiveness is 25 times better than any Level 3 Surgical Mask, which is the highest level of all types of surgical masks per FDA regulations. According to CDC, the N95 respirator is able to effectively provide the wearer with at least 95% filter efficiency level against airborne particles AS SMALL AS 0.3 MICRON.

Social distance, of course, is important. However, the global facts show that with the same social distance, wherever N95 respirators are not available, the infection rates are always higher there.

It is undoubtedly that NIOSH-approved N95 respirators are the first choice for hospitals, medical centers, clinics, healthcare operations, senior living facilities, universities and K-12 schools, etc. to protect all the people there against Coronavirus. Nothing is better than N95 respirators among all types of PPE so far.

Because of the above-mentioned, GHA has been working hard to prepare 30,000,000 N95 respirators for global users. All the N95 respirators are 2020 production for quick deliveries from Washington.

ORDERS are ACCEPTED on the basis of "first come, first served." But preferences will be given to American hospitals, schools and fire departments. Inquiry email: [email protected]

Based in Seattle, Washington, Great Hawk Air Service is NIOSH-certified and FDA-cleared N95 developer and supplier for global users. To date, two models of Great Hawk™ N95 respirators have NIOSH approvals. New models of Great Hawk™ N95 respirators are on the way. Its modernized PPE production lines are capable to produce millions of top quality N95 respirators and surgical masks on a daily basis. For more information, please check the following:

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Headquartered in Washington, DC, NIOSH ("National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health") is the United States federal agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related injury and illness. It is part of the CDC within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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