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World's First Simultaneous Rotation & Reciprocation Motion Recognizable

Sensor, 360VRFit is launching on Kickstarter in October

    NEW YORK, NY, September 30, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As the VR market expands and VR technology is utilized on various types of fields such as games, medical equipment, and virtual exhibitions, M2Me's 360VRFit, which combines VR, exercise, and game applications, is becoming a hot topic.

360VRFit is the world's first attachable motion counting IoT sensor that simultaneously recognizes Rotational and Linear Motion through the complex signal processing of nine sensors including acceleration sensor, gyro sensor, and compass. 360VRFit has attracted the fitness communities' attention with its stunning concept that turns stationary bicycles, indoor rowers, and horse riding machines into VR fitness equipment by simply attaching it with the Velcro tape which is included in the package.

Particularly, 360VRFIT, which recognizes the movement of three-dimensional space of the X, Y, and Z axis through its own algorithms, has received favorable feedbacks from numerous people on the fitness path by supporting six types of fitness applications (360VRFit Cycle 1, 360VRFit Cycle 2, 360VRFit Rowing, 360VRFit Boxing, VRFit Cycle Pop, VRFit Rowing Pop).

The 360VRFit Cycle 1 is a rhythm-riding app that features virtual riding experiences with nice music and different types of sceneries from urban city tours in New York and Chicago to Northern European mountain trails in Romania, Greece, and Bulgaria.

360VRFit Cycle 2 is an app that can help users enjoy the riding exercise as if they are playing games by competing with the avatars that are based on a real player's records. When they pedal in a rhythm which corresponds to the beat of the music they are listening to during the ride, the app will guide them into efficient pedaling by keeping the pedal rotation count to 90 RPM.

360VRFit Rowing is an app that allows users to enjoy extreme water sports in the VR system. It accurately counts the reciprocating motion, not the rotating motion, and lets users compete with others for a record.

360VRFit Boxing is a boxing app that users can enjoy with the rhythm of the music. When the music plays, boxes will approach in accordance with the beat and the rhythm of the music, and the user can hit them with jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. Each score is determined by sensing the strength of the punches, but the key for a high score is to achieve the perfect timing.

Furthermore, when a long stick-shaped box approaches, the user should avoid it by taking the precise squat position. The avoiding movements can be sensed by the smartphone with the goggles that are worn at on the forehead.

VRFit Cycle Pop helps with exercise in more efficient ways by providing RPM and Watt data while users are watching lecture videos on YouTube. Through the data that are accumulated in the app, users can set their own exercise pace and maintain optimal RPM and Watt, which can be helpful for some interval exercises such as HIIT.

With VRFit Rowing Pop, users can enjoy rowing machine workout while watching the videos with the sceneries of a lake, or the videos of an actual competition on YouTube. They can also cease the exercise and review the exercise process with a graph.

And not only the app, the 360VRFit goggles that are a part of the reward drew attention as well.

The HMD typically used in existing VR-related devices is highly immersive, but its time delay and motion blur cause dizziness and nausea, leading to the perception that it is unsuitable for exercise. But the 360VRFit goggles offered together by M2Me minimizes the delay in video playing by removing the fish-eye lens and omitting the encoding and decoding stages, allowing users to use it for a lengthy time without experiencing any discomfort. The design with an opening is another feature people took keen notice of as it helps to alleviate dizziness as well as make it easy to use VR while wearing eyeglasses and also wipe off sweat.

Apart from these highlights, the 360VRFit IoT sensor has been widely acclaimed by numerous fitness experts since the release announcement thanks to its various merits, such as the battery management system that enables nearly 70-hour use with just one time charging; the automatic counting that is useful for exercises including simple repetitive movements like squats, push-ups, and sit-ups; simple attachment; and inexpensive price.

On that account, an M2Me official said, "At the start of every year, a lot of people set up a workout plan or purchase fitness equipment like an indoor cycle or a rowing machine for their health and self-management, but I've seen a number of cases where such equipment is neglected after some time" and added, "We have come to develop 360VRFit out of searching for a way to upgrade the dusty fitness equipment into VR fitness equipment, enhancing its usability to a whole new level."

In the meantime, 360VRFit was announced to be launched on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, in the upcoming October. More details on 360VRFit of M2Me can be checked on the official Kickstarter webpage.

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