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The Future Accountant: Five Essential Qualities the Industry Expects from Job Candidates

What Hiring Professionals Expect from Applying Students

"The [MACDA] program follows the Augustinian value of truth, community, caring and leading through service. Effecting positive change in one's community is at the core of this component"

    CHICAGO, IL, October 06, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The feature cover story of New Accountant, is entitled "Meet the Future Accountant: Five Essential Qualities the Industry Expects". This insightful piece written by Michael F. Peters, PhD, Chair, Accounting & Information Systems, Alvin A. Clay Professor of Accounting, Villanova School of Business.

In light of a rapidly changing job market, new accountants are in high demand. Mainly due to a shift in the way recruitment is done due to Covid-19, the author explains that job candidates need to be versatile, multi-skilled and well-rounded. In addition to obtaining the necessary CPA accreditation, undergrad students underestimate the value of a graduate degree in today's marketplace. Graduate degrees help students meet the above-mentioned needs for employers.

However, according to the author, employers are seeking additional essential qualities; five to be exact: technical acumen, creativity, ability to work in a diverse environment, agility and ethics. And go on to explain why each of these qualities is needed to navigate today's changing workplace and how Villanova's MACDA graduate program comprehensively focuses on all of these components.

Technical acumen means taking prerequisite courses now required in this industry, such as data, analytics and technology such as working with artificial intelligence (AI) programs. The MACDA program (Master of Accounting with Data Analytics) offered by Villanova School of Business (VSB) graduate program exposes students to software packages used by current accounting professionals, that add value to their experience.

Creativity in accounting, comes in the form of not only knowing accounting fundamentals but mainly, being able to apply them, which takes some creativity. With the help of the MACDA program, classes are designed to help develop more well-rounded skills and promoting camaraderie of students enhances networking opportunities.

The ability to work in a diverse environment is one of the key qualities that employers are looking for in candidates. MACDA promotes commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion., which are all key traits when dealing with companies and people across the globe. There is also much focus on programs that offer internships to traditionally represented minoritized groups.

Agility is required as today's accounting students must be able to think across multiple business disciplines such as marketing, operations and systems. MACDA offers courses and skills that opens the minds of students to think beyond their area and fosters constant learning and growth to advance their career. Areas such as broad analytics topics, extensive risk management issues, performance measurement, valuation, and of course, technology are centralized.

Ethics develops key traits in the MACDA program, done via leadership courses and a service trip promoting camaraderie as well as a culture of collaboration and trust. The program follows the Augustinian value of truth, community, caring and leading through service. Effecting positive change in one's community is at the core of this component.

Overall, the MACDA program is designed for students who want the competitive edge; those who recognize that today's accounting professionals wear multiple hats and keep up with rapid technological advances. MACDA was also designed with direct input from global accounting firms. This innovative program integrates data analytics with valuation, tax, risk, fraud and qualitative skills to prepare students to be multidimensional in today's workplace. For more information, please visit: MACDA.VILLANOVA.EDU

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