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Condeco Software, Worldwide Leader in Workspace Technology Solutions, Releases Detailed "Back to the Office" Guidelines

Guide Details How to Get Employees Back to the Office and Provides Advice on How to Successfully Plan and Implement a 'COVID-Secure Place to Work'

"Condeco Software believes that a strong technology-based solution is the only way to effectively manage a safe return to the office..." ~ Paul Statham, CEO of Condeco Software

    NEW YORK, NY, October 19, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Once the threat of COVID-19 subsides, the business world that emerges will be very different. This 'new normal' will see the workforce expecting a more flexible approach to the way we work and a reduction in real estate needs. Large parts of the workforce will want to reduce commute times and work more flexibly. The office will become a place to collaborate and meet with clients.

To help companies understand what needs to be done to safely, effectively and efficiently bring employees back to the office, Condeco Software, a worldwide leader in workspace technology solutions, today released a comprehensive online guide detailing how to get employees back to the office and advice on how to successfully plan and implement a 'COVID secure place to work'. The guide can be seen at:

"Condeco Software believes that a strong technology-based solution is the only way to effectively manage a safe return to the office, but the investment in technology will be repaid in productivity and an eventual reduction in real estate," said Paul Statham, CEO of Condeco Software. "The guide provides insights on how COVID-19 is revolutionizing how we work and view our workplaces, and how now may the time for companies to prepare their spaces where the employee is at the center."

Globally, different regions have varied health and safety guidelines, while team viewpoints on a return to the office also vary considerably. The guide addresses what these changes to our shift in working culture means and how companies can globally align their offices so that they offer a safe environment for their employees, including by: reducing workspace density, ensuring workspace sanitization, closing unsafe areas and responding to local outbreaks of COVID-19 and enabling effective contact tracing.

Insights available on the guide include:
- Back to the new normal: Returning to the office after COVID-19 Guide: Navigating our way back to the office post-COVID-19 will see businesses having to rethink, reshape and reevaluate their workspaces. This guide is your asset to help your return to the workplace and is free to download at:
- Returning to the Office: Solutions to help employees and their business get back to the office and support a flexible workplace for today and the future (including how reconfigure the office for a less dense workspace and how desks can be "shared" if fewer employees are on site) can be seen at:
- Rethinking and reshaping workplace design with your employees at its core: Learn about function requirements and space design for the future of the workplace at:
- Empowering your employee productivity with the choice of where to work: The past six months have proven employees can successfully work remotely and the work default location will no longer be the office. The default location will now be the location where employees are the most productive and the most creative. Details are at:
- Workplace cleanliness: The facts for a post-isolation working environment: The cleanliness of our workplaces is something that is always extremely important, but in the past has often been overlooked more than it should have been. In the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19, both hygiene and wider health issues have been brought into much sharper focus. Top tips can be seen at:
- What's next? Your work life after COVID-19: As we adapted to working from home, the impact of the pandemic became an unknown, leading to uncertainty about the inevitable return to the office. When would this happen? How would this happen? And how safe would it be? Insights can be seen at:

Condeco Software is the fastest growing company in workspace scheduling technology, with headquarters in London, England as well as additional locations in America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. The company has had a revenue growth hitting 35 per cent year-on-year, including a 35 per cent growth in new clients. Its world-class portfolio of workspace solutions is becoming essential tools in the strategies employed by senior business leaders heading up major multinational brands, optimizing real estate and transforming business operations. More information can be seen at

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Desk management software can effectively manage the return to the office after COVID-19 and maintain safety and flexibility for employees.