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Optimize Your Immune System — Even in a Pandemic

Clinical Nutritionist Marie Ruggles teaches how to build a natural kitchen pharmacy

Diana Noland, editor of "Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy," described the book as "A treasure trove of practical information arriving at such a time of global urgency."

    NEW YORK, NY, October 20, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- You may be taking every precaution you can think of to protect yourself and your family from Covid-19. You wear a mask, wash your hands – perhaps even wipe your groceries with alcohol after bringing them in the house.

There is another step you can take to strengthen your immunity and help prevent illness — or, if you get a virus, to quickly knock it down.

Build a food-based pharmacy in your kitchen.

Marie Ruggles, a clinical nutritionist and certified diabetes educator, describes in her new book, "Optimize Your Immune System: Create Health and Resilience with a Kitchen Pharmacy," how to make a food-as-medicine pharmacy accessible to everyone.

Her guidance focuses on whole foods, superfoods and nutrients that are readily accessible, as well as a few key supplements.

Ruggles, who holds a master's degree from Columbia University in Nutrition and Public Health, brings readers through three phases of building immunity and health.

• Phase I: Everyday immune strengthening and care
• Phase II: What to do after exposure to an unhealthy person or environment
• Phase III: Immune-boosting support to prevent an illness when you feel like you're coming down with something

"Optimize Your Immune System" makes it easy to start your own pharmacy as the Covid-19 pandemic moves into another season.

"Now is the time to get your body in shape, because this isn't the last virus," Ruggles said. "The flu and common cold are coming, too. How you take care of yourself now is going to determine how a virus affects your body in the near future. The side benefit of learning how to protect yourself from the pandemic is that it will confer a lifetime of health. These are proven strategies that other clinical nutritionists and nutrition-minded doctors have employed for years."

In "Optimize Your Immune System," published by Emerald Lake Books, a boutique book publisher in Sherman, Connecticut, Ruggles explains how viral transfer occurs and how the human immune system works. She offers simple steps to reboot your system and make you more resilient to viruses and other health challenges.

"This book is about prevention, not treatment of sickness," Ruggles said. "With the steps I teach, you can take back your power for personal wellness as you develop a home inventory of natural wellness options."

Diana Noland, co-editor of "Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy," described the book as "A treasure trove of practical information arriving at such a time of global urgency to strengthen our immune systems."

The pharmacy described by Ruggles is all-natural and based on thousands of clinical studies and her 40 years of experience. She also gives suggestions for "immunity on a budget," which makes it possible for everyone to follow her guidance.

"Can you picture your family having great health all year long?" Ruggles writes. "My most favorite part of teaching others about having a home inventory of natural wellness options is sharing the message that you can take back your power. If anyone in my family wakes up with something going on, I typically have a safe and simple option to take care of it, so there are fewer missed days of school, work and play! Taking back your power is like having boots on the ground in your own home. I always feel confidently equipped to take care of myself and my loved ones. My hope for you after reading this book is that you will feel more empowered and less victimized by circumstances."

For more information, and to contact Marie Ruggles, email [email protected].

Marie Ruggles is a clinical nutritionist with a Master's Degree from Columbia University in Nutrition and Public Health. She is also a Certified Diabetes Educator and has 40 years of experience in the wellness arena..

Her teaching focus is on coaching others to take back their power by developing a home inventory of natural wellness solutions. She is also obsessed with searching for the healthiest products and bringing nutrition science (eating for prevention) into the kitchen by sharing my easy hacks for getting real food on the table with minimal effort.

Her Whole Foods Quick Start Guide is used by nutritionists around the country for educating their clients to move towards a healthier way of eating. It's available on her website:

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