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Don Forman Las Vegas Dealership Makes Record Sales Despite The Pandemic

Don Forman shows how to run a business during a pandemic.

    LAS VEGAS, NV, October 22, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Don Forman, the owner of the United Nissan dealership in Las Vegas, boasts of huge experience working for the auto manufacture and selling industry. Back in 1998, he was already working as Nissan West's general manager. So, that is more than two decades prior and this should give you some idea about the man's association with the industry.

Therefore, during this pandemic, when all small and mid-sized businesses are having a hard time of it just keeping their heads afloat, if there was one man who could keep a car dealership running, it had to be Don Forman. And actually, Don's dealership did significantly better than just keeping its head afloat. It ended up making record-breaking sales! In fact, Don Forman's Vegas dealership sales records were the best among all dealerships in the state during the months of the pandemic.

How Don Forman Las Vegas Dealership Managed to Offset the Impact of Pandemic

Success in any business depends on flexibility. At any time, even a successfully running business can experience difficult times. Then, there are unforeseen circumstances (such as this recent pandemic) that can derail all your preset plans. However, in times like those, businesses that show the maximum amount of flexibility often come out at the top. And this is what Don Forman Las Vegas dealership did during the troubled times of these last months. They remained flexible.

Paying Attention to 'Small Sales'

Somewhat similar to what car dealership do during the year-end holiday season (the traditional downtime for the auto industry), Forman's dealership concentrated more on small sales during this period---at any rate, during the first months of the pandemic when things were at their worst.

Auto Maintenance and Repair

Don Forman dealership also runs a separate car maintenance and repair unit and provides high quality, reliable repair services to its customers. During the pandemic, when civil movements were restricted, many cars had to sit in the garage for a long time. However, when this happens, many models (especially high-end luxury cars) need regular maintenance to avoid suffering a breakdown and other problems.

Therefore, Don made sure that maintenance services are available whenever the customers requested. Don's customer support team was always available to receive calls and schedule maintenance appointments with prospective customers. Moreover, the dealership offered their repair and maintenance services at a reduced rate than normal and this obviously meant that they were able to attract more customers than other repair facilities and body shops. So, here again, we see the importance of remaining flexible.

Selling Auto Contracts

Part of all dealerships' revenues comes from selling auto contracts. And pandemic or not, the car owners still had to have policies for their vehicles and keep up to date with them. So, when actual car sales were low, Forman dealership was still able to do good business by selling different types of auto contracts such as auto-hazard warranties, paint protection, extended auto warranty, and the like. Here, it must be mentioned though that when it comes to these types of sales, the past reputation of the dealership plays a big role. Now, since Don Forman's United Nissan dealership has always offered their customers auto warranties from some of the most reputable auto insurance services, Don's customers never had any occasion to complain in this regard.

Apart from the above, Forman also concentrated on doing good business through their other peripheral services such as car rental, same-day servicing, and cars on loans. We can see that these services are actually even more valuable during these days of a pandemic than they would be at normal times.

Finally, when restrictions on civilian movement were made less stringent, the dealership, in addition to their normal fares, began to concentrate more on offering affordable mid-range cars and good condition used cars in order to rev up their sales figures. Since it was not feasible that one maintain social distancing measures while using public transportation, many homeowners who otherwise may not have invested in a private vehicle, chose to buy these affordable new or used cars.

And it is thanks to these flexible strategies and deep insight into the nature of one's business that Don Forman again proved his worth as an astute business person even in these troubled times.

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