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Watershed Third Installment of '2020 Division' Touches Down Tonight During Final Presidential Debate, Tackling Issues of Race and Equality

Barbara Taber is proud to present the continuation of her special podcasting event, '2020 Division.' This mini-series is part of her larger media effort, the acclaimed online sensation, Take It Or Leave It.

With so many controversies and scandals surrounding this administration it's sometimes easy to forget the basic building blocks of human compassion and decency.

    SUFFOLK, VA, October 22, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Fans of Dr. Barbara Taber's online series would likely agree that it's really hitting its stride right now. This is thanks in no small part to '2020 Division' and its episode-within-an-episode, nesting doll structure. This extra-long Take It Or Leave It ("TIOLI") episode was born out of necessity. Dr. Taber instantly recognized the importance of taking a closer look, in real time, at some of the issues being faced in 2020. Rather than sidestepping it, she jumped right into the fray, essentially becoming a part of the news cycle as her show analyzes and unpacks issue after issue, as these things develop.

In this third installment of '2020 Division,' Dr. Taber takes on race related issues of all kind; Black Lives Matter, societal unrest, the future of policing, and more. She also touches on even broader ideas like tolerance and human decency, all filtered through the troubling lens of 2020. With Donald Trump's specter looming large over this installment, as always, it is even more appropriate that its release coincides with the final presidential debate tonight, where all of these issues are sure to come up.


Not too long ago, Take It or Leave It debuted its second episode, a provocative and challenging exploration of school and classroom violence. It was created before (but released during) the COVID-19 pandemic. While the show's producers made every effort to ensure the episode didn't scan as "tone deaf" amidst the growing problems of 2020, it became quickly apparent that a change would need to be made to the show's existing schedule.

From there, Dr. Taber and her dedicated production team set out to tackle the weighty issues plaguing us in 2020: coronavirus, civil rights, sociopolitical unrest, the upcoming presidential election, and so much more. Also, in keeping with the tone of the program, these things would need to be handled in an unflinching manner, and the entire team would have to go where most fear to tread.

The culmination of these efforts is Take It Or Leave It's third episode, '2020 Division,' a four-part mini-series clocking in at over 90 minutes, and touching everything you'd want Dr. Taber to discuss right now—and then some!

"Tonight's '2020 Division' episode is extremely important to me," explains Dr. Taber. "It deals with race issues, head on, and also the importance of being on the right side of history. With so many controversies and scandals surrounding this administration it's sometimes easy to forget the basic building blocks of human compassion and decency. Tonight we go back to basics with Part Three."

Dr. Barbara Taber urges fans and newcomers alike to tune into Take It Or Leave It: '2020 Division' Part Two, especially if they are feeling confused or unsure about where they stand in these troubling times.

It is streaming now on Dr. Taber's official website.

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Take It Or Leave It: 2020 Division (Part Three)