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The World's First Smart Bluetooth Multi-Purpose HALASZ Fishing Grip

Not only measures weight & length but also provides fishing information through the app in real time.

    NEW YORK, NY, October 27, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The current fishing market share is around 35.8% worldwide. It has unequivocally become the top-trending industry. Fishing is generally viewed as a simple means to livelihood or a special sport; however, it is now perceived by many as an outdoor hobby. As the number of people interested in fishing starts to increase, the attention for fishing gears is naturally booming as well.

As evidence, a fishing equipment that has attracted many fishing lovers is the HALASZ Fishing Grip. Made by ATOZSOFT, the HALASZ Fishing Grip can not only measure the fish's length and weight, but also offers the weather, date, location, etc. of the fish when take a photo on HALASZ App. This is the world's first IoT-based fishing grip. Last January in Las Vegas, the HALASZ Fishing Grip was presented in the Consumer Electronics Show, 'CES 2020,' and made its name through ICAST2020 Online in July. Now, it has become a famous and groundbreaking equipment for fishing lovers.

Among the many functions the equipment provides, the most appealing function to fishers was that they could connect the gear to their phone through Bluetooth, and when taking a picture of a fish, the equipment displayed the fish's measurements along with the date, weather, location, etc. In the past, users had to input every detail, and many apps brought similar discomforts. However, HALASZ Fishing Grip and HALASZ App reflected and helped overcome the users' inconveniences, and now has gained a lot of interest and fame in the fishing exhibitions and communities.

Furthermore, the product avoids the general RPM counting method and uses an exclusively developed weight sensor. The problem with the general RPM counting method is that foreign matters and injection speed can cause inaccurate measurements. On the contrary, the HALASZ Fishing Grip has its own weight sensor and a barcode reader that uses a strain gauge and variable resistor to drastically reduce the measurement error below ±1.0mm.

By using the HALASZ application, users can not only gain information but also make use of it in online fishing tournaments. Offline fishing tournaments comes with limited time and area, but the HALASZ App utilizes the vast online space. As stated earlier, fishing measurements and information are provided and obtained, and this instantly enrolls the users to online fishing tournaments. This groundbreaking paradigm has changed the perceptions of many fishing admirers.

Moreover, the fact that the fishing grip can be used in any weather conditions is one of its greatest features. The HALASZ Fishing Grip has surpassed drop, waterproof, and dustproof tests, demonstrating great responsiveness and sturdiness. It can be used for a long period of time safely and cleanly. In addition, cleaning the instrument is simple since only a dry cloth or tissue is needed to keep it clean.

Aside from these functions, the product also embodies an ergonomic design that allows any user to hold it easily without minding the direction of the hand. In addition, the product automatically adapts to any country's weight and size unit. A HALASZ marketing representative says that "In the near future, the product will be combined with AI's deep learning and Big Data's API to further improve its services with distinction technology, tide forecast services, and chatbots."

Find out more about HALASZ through the official webpage.

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