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Unistar Technologies Discusses the Changing Face of Corporate Technology During the Covid Pandemic

The pandemic's effect and the shift of how businesses are adapting

"We've really seen a change in the technology sector with the advent of employees working remotely"

    ATLANTA, GA, November 09, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Covid 19 pandemic that has been affecting businesses of all types, sizes, and industries has brought about yet another surprise within the business community. With staggering numbers of closures, high unemployment, fluctuating economies, and an election cycle that has kept most U.S. companies on edge has revealed yet another challenge for corporate America. Now we're seeing one of the most unpredictable impacts due to the pandemic. The shift in mobile technology usage and the shortages of units that are being adopted by almost every sector.

"It's really something we've never seen in our industry," according to Doug LaPonzina, the owner of Unistar Technologies, an ITAD services company based in Atlanta. The pandemic changed the fundamental format of companies both large and small as they've had to rearrange practices in order to maintain a working business model over the last 8 months. As a result, large tech manufacturers of portable devices including Dell, HP, Apple, and Lenovo continue to experience shortages of laptops and other portable devices. Businesses continue to purchase in bulk for both quarantined and work at home employees, not to mention students needing them for access to remote learning as well.

Laptops have remained difficult to source, especially the Chromebook, and companies as well as individuals have begun relying on refurbished technology to fill in the gaps. As critical staff and essential employees continue to return in some corporate locations, they've also begun liquidating their unneeded assets in record numbers.

LaPonzina, as well as others in the asset management industry, have taken notice of the change within the technology landscape. He stated, "We're seeing the tip of the iceberg, and we expect more and more of our client base to eliminate unneeded or unused technology as cloud computing becomes a more necessary option for these larger companies ." LaPonzina went on to say "We've seen a change in the sector with the advent of millions of employees working remote. The overall operations of the corporate workplace are completely different now."

The use of traditional desktop PC's, large printers, networking equipment, and enterprise server technology at numerous locations has dropped significantly and new units aren't being deployed in the numbers they once were.

As a result, there has been a steady increase in enterprise technology coming out of service being replaced by hard-to-find portable units and cloud computing solutions, while companies continue to capture ROI through the resale of those unused assets. According to LaPonzina, he expects the larger companies within the ITAD industry to see an increase over the next 12-18 months as the pandemic continues.

Unistar Technologies is a provider of ITAD services across all technology-based product lines in North America. Unistar Technologies has purchasing and recycling abilities that are well known for being highly customized and offering a boutique approach for their clients with precision and accuracy in auditing and resale. The company's mission is to help create a greener footprint while providing a high return on outdated and overstock technology to its clients. Unistar Technologies has offices in the greater Atlanta area as well as Salt Lake City, Utah serving all of North America and Canada.

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