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What Kind Of LED Display More Cater To Market Demand After The COVID-19 Time

Impacted by COVID-19, LED display industry experienced a low growth, even recession in first quarter of 2020. But in 2nd quarter of 2020, China's LED display market revenue increased by 34.6%

    SHENZHEN, CHINA, November 14, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Impacted by COVID-19, the LED display industry experienced low growth, even recession in the first quarter of 2020. For example, in Shenzhen, the world's LED display manufacturers center, around 80% of companies lay off and reduce production to get through the difficult time. But according to relevant business statistics, in the second quarter of 2020, China's LED display market revenue increased by 34.6% month-on-month and 15.9% year-on-year, of which the highest growth share is the small pixel pitch LED display.

The rebounding of the 2nd quarter LED screen rebounding enhanced market confidence. LED display manufacturers and engaging LED screen suppliers are excited to say that LED screen inquires doubled from June 2020. LED display project requests to come from America, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, The Middle East, Africa, etc. Maybe you would know what kind of LED display caters to market demand after the COVID-19 time?

Combined with LED screen industry trends and global market feedback, it's believed that the one most caters to market demand after the COVID-19 time is fine pixel pitch LED display. The other is transparent LED display. Now let's find out the factors formatting such a market forecast.

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display
"There are three main reasons that small pixel pitch LED display realized fastest-growing in 2nd quarter of 2020". This is explained by Eric Zheng, VP of business development in YUCHIP.

The first factor is pandemic restrained market demand in the 1st quarter of 2020. During the COVID-19 lockdown period, people are requested to stay at home. Also, business activity is nearly paused. The epidemic situation was alleviated, LED screen demand was released, and the purchase was accomplished in the 2nd quarter of 2020.  China market small pixel pitch LED display realized rapid development in the emergency command room, monitoring room, 5G transportation, intelligent medical, innovative finance, etc.

The second factor is increasing market demand from the international market. For example, the small-pixel pitch LED display demand in Western and Eastern Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Middle East and Africa continue to increase.

The third factor is that smart city building rises as many countries' strategic planning. This process has a huge demand for fine pixel pitch displays—for example, extensive data management, security monitoring, public organization digital platform, etc.

Due to COVID-19 social distance limitation, domestic and international gatherings and meetings are restricted. We can see that remote video conference methods are expanded from business corporations to industry association conferences, social organization meetings, and international political summits. For example, the ongoing 2020 ShangHai Cooperation Organization Summit is hosted by Russia, but each member country leader stays at their homeland, attending in the form of video.

Also, The 37th ASEAN Summit and The East Asian Leaders' Meetings on Cooperation were hosted by Vietnam in Hanoi between Nov 12th and 15th, 2020. Each country's leaders attend in the form of a video conference. These video conferences need fine pixel pitch LED display to guarantee high-quality content display. Such video conference change is happening now, but it will also accelerate use on more occasions worldwide.

Transparent LED Display

In October 2020, IMF predicted that the global gross domestic product (GDP) would shrink by 4.4% 2020. This is the IMF's most pessimistic forecast of global economic growth since the Great Depression of the last century. IMF pointed that large-scale policy support has avoided worse results. "The various expenditure-based measures announced by developed economies so far, accounting for more than 9% of their GDP, and other liquidity support measures accounting for 11% of their GDP".

Among the various economic stimulus measures launched by each country, infrastructure investment and urban planning and construction are essential aspects. Among them, glass window engineering is more popular, which stimulates the demand for transparent LED displays. Thanks to a transparent LED screen, a glass window makes architecture fashionable, colorful, modern, and technological, impressing more people with tremendous visual impact.

According to USA market research organization DisplayBank survey, the market output value of transparent display by 2025 is about 87.2 billion US dollars. As an emerging and fast-growing media, no doubt that transparent LEDscreen play a vital role in this field.

A transparent LED screen features high transparency, is lightweight, and has ultra-thin thickness. It's widely installed as a glass window LED display in urban buildings, malls, airports, auto shops, hotels, financial institutions, franchise stores, etc. A transparent LED screen dramatically attracts the attention of pass-by visitors, enhances the store's image, strengthens brand awareness, and promotes sales. Therefore, transparent LEDs have received widespread attention and acclaim in the market.

Five factors help transparent LED screen to be a star production after COVID-19 .time
1. High transmittance up to 65%-90%, without affecting natural light comes inside and a direct view outside.
2. Simplified design cabinet, super lightweight and ultra-thin LED screen panel, saving installation space and cost.
3. Customized LED cabinet size, structure, and shape. For example, transparent LED cabinet size(1000x500mm, 1000x1000mm, 500x500mm and more) differs from each installation site situation. A Transparent LED display shape is available of arc, cylindrical, elliptical, cone, etc. Its innovative and customized features make transparent LED unique compared to traditional LED screens.
4. Indoor installation but outdoor viewing. The indoor facility makes it easy to maintain a transparent display. Meanwhile, its high brightness LED ensures a clear and vivid content display even under direct sunshine.

At the same time, YUCHIP engineers have developed a waterproof transparent LED screen. Furthermore, when it comes to needing a large transparent LED screen up to several hundred square meters big, an LED curtain is also a very cost-effective choice.

Of course, when COVID-19 is getting to vanish and finally defeated, the LED screen panel market develops accordingly. We would follow upmarket development and share with you updated information. Also, if you have any ideas or comments, welcome to talk with us.

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