All Press Releases for November 17, 2020

Shinchonji Church of Jesus will hold the 3rd Corona 19th End Online Prayer Meeting on the 15th

A prayer meeting for the end of COVID-19 will be held ahead of the donation of 4,000 group plasma.

    BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, November 17, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Chairman Lee Man-hee, referred to as the Shincheonji Church of Jesus) will hold an online prayer meeting for the government, medical staff, patients, bereaved families and the people who are devoting all their energy to the prevention of Corona 19 around the world on the 15th.

The Shincheonji Church of Jesus said it will hold a non-face-to-face "3rd Global Religious Group online prayer meeting" on the 15th. He also suggested that all religious people to participate with one heart. The prayer meeting will be broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus at 3 p.m. on the same day, and domestic and overseas congregation members will participate. Any believers around the world who wish to end COVID-19 can participate.

At the suggestion of chairman Man-hee Lee, the prayer meeting was organized to end COVID-19 in the global village along with the development of effective and rapid treatment ahead of the massive plasma donation of some 4,000 Shincheonji Church of Jesus congregation members who have completely recovered. In particular, it meant that "religion should take the initiative in overcoming the crisis beyond each denomination and religion."

Chairman Man-hee Lee, said, "There are so many people suffering from COVID-19, especially in February, when many people were infected in the church, and the congregation members and citizens suffered a lot. "We should actively pray to God for the end of COVID-19 and for the sake of the country and the people," he said. "Also, as the world suffers from COVID-19, let's pray that religious people around the world will gather their hearts and get out of the disaster quickly."

In addition, chairman Lee stressed, "even if the church facilities restriction is lifted which was suggested to prevent the congregation members from being infected with COVID-19, they should not hold face-to-face worship services or meetings, but should be equipped with thermometer, thoroughly preventive measures, and mange congregation members."

Since the beginning of the spread of COVID-19 in February this year, the Shincheonji Church of Jesus has been praying for the end of coronavirus, the safety of quarantine officials and medical staff, and the recovery of patients.

"The intention is to pray together for the rapid development of the treatment and the end of COVID-19 ahead of the third group plasma donation involving 4,000 cured congregation members," said an official at the Shincheonji Church of Jesus. "We will do everything we can with a responsible attitude until the end of the COVID-19 incident."

Note: The National Shincheonji Jesus Church has been holding non-face-to-face online services since February 18th, so please do not make a mistake.

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