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Wearable Technology Meets AI

SPOTU, The World's Most Advanced Fitness Partner

    NEW YORK, NY, November 18, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In this era of social distancing, 'at-home workout' that offers indoor fitness training through video tutorials is trending. A fitness wearable device 'SPOTU', which integrates all types of features for workouts, and perfectly meets the consumer needs for training at home is being spotlighted as the best smart fitness solution.

Smart watches or fitness trackers in the market are mainly based on GPS data and optimized for outdoor exercises such as running and cycling. But these devices face technical limitations in accurately measuring the change in heartbeats during weight training, interval training and other vigorous exercises. SPOTU team has developed its product by solely focusing on solving these limitations

Considering that most people struggle from accessing a full visibility of their physical condition changes during exercises, SPOTU provides a real-time performance monitoring feature that allows users to accurately track their physical condition and performance status. The SPOTU LITE, which is for low-impact workouts like at-home fitness, collects heart rate and motion data through the ECG type heart rate sensor and motion sensor. The SPOTU PRO, which is for intense workouts, collects motion data and the all 3 biometric data (heart rate, body temperature, and breathing) to provide more precise tracking and a detailed analysis.

In addition, SPOTU analyzes fitness content on YouTube. It extracts the exercise details such as movements and rep count from video clips and provides exercise preview to users so that they do not have to waste their time finding out exercise routine in each video. Easy searching and recommendation feature for the Youtube content come along naturally.

The most distinctive feature of SPOTU is instant data and insights provision. Existing products in the market are concentrated on feeding these data after workouts. SPOTU, however, allows users to check their physical condition and performance status in real time through intuitive monitoring displays on smartphone. The 5-level color change of LED lamp signals different feedback for users to engage in more immersive and effective workout experience.

The SPOTU Motion Judging Engine, an in-house developed core technology, has dramatically raised the accuracy of performance tracking. It identifies and distinguishes not only counting of user movements and repetitions of movements, but also the intervals and rest time in real-time. The chest strap type of design is the key of the accuracy. As SPOTU has a unique chest strap typed design, it can utilize ECG type heart rate sensor which gives much higher accuracy rate of HR data than PPG optical heart rate sensor, which is generally adopted for wearable devices. The motion data that are collected from the chest boosts the accuracy to another level compared to the motion data from a wrist or an arm.

The SPOTU mobile application, which is interlocked with SPOTU devices, allows users to set routines and plans for workouts more easily. 'Augmented Video Recording' feature for self-training contains detailed performance indicators and straightforward user interface that help even beginners to enhance workout performance on their own and to reach their fitness goals with consistent motivation.

'SPOTU', the world's most advanced smart fitness solution, has finished preparation after multiple prototype development and pre-production stages and is now ready to be launched.

More information on 'SPOTU' is now available at the official Kickstarter campaign page.

SPOTU Kickstarter: ... ref=cj4z7v

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