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Dr. Anhlan Nguyen Launches Her New Book "Living in GRACE: Living your Best Life now!"

Book Becomes A Best Seller

"Living each day in the lens of GRACE empowers you to show up with authenticity, compassion, kindness, and courage to do the hard work in reaching your goal"

    HOUSTON, TX, November 18, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- On October 20th, 2020 Anhlan Nguyen launched her new book "Living in GRACE: Living your Best Life now!". The book immediately became a Best Seller!

In this short read Anhlan shares with her readers how to live their best life now! Are you looking for ways to improve upon your life, finding ways to create the most meaningful and satisfying life possible—even in the most challenging of times?

This book might have an answer for you. It is the reflection of the author's journey applying the life changing principles of GRACE (Gratitude – Respect – Accountability- Courage – Engagement) so that anyone who reads it and applies it can also experience powerful transformation easily. In the book, Dr. Anhlan Nguyen shares a decade-long discovery into the magnificent possibilities of self-empowerment through the integration of GRACE values into one's life. She shares engaging stories about her own personal transformation as she was coping with a series of life events that altered her path of life and how she helped to transform lives among so many students, mentees and clients through the practice and embodiment of GRACE.

GRACE can serve as a great mindset to enable you to discover possibilities and identify solutions for your own challenges. This book is written in a short and simple form, with practical strategies and solutions that you can apply and practice immediately to create the needed changes in your life. It by no means provides you with a complete and detailed solution for every life challenge, but hopefully it can motivate you to take one step toward your life path, toward enlightenment and fulfillment.

Following is the author's words toward the readers:
"I realize that each day of living on this planet is an incredible blessing that I am given by the Universe. It is only through serving others and helping others that I can fulfill that privilege. I am forever grateful for this gift I receive every day on Earth. I sincerely hope that I can share this great sense of gratitude with each of you in order to help you unleash the power within your soul and achieve your own greatness. It all starts with setting your intentions, and then paying attention to the many opportunities that present themselves for making progress each and every day."

"However good you imagined your life could be, it will be profoundly better because of the grace you will find living in every page of this wonderful book of ageless wisdom. "Living in GRACE – Living your BEST LIFE now!" is an inviting, comforting doorway into a real world where you will find the keys to living with less stress and more gratefulness. Dr. Nguyen's many practical strategies for achieving grace, drawn from her own life's journey, are blessings that can be easily applied anytime, anywhere, every day by anyone."~ Dr. Rob Pennington, Ph.D, psychologist, award winning author and speaker

"Living each day in the lens of GRACE empowers you to show up with authenticity, compassion, kindness, and courage to do the hard work in reaching your goal," Dr. Anhlan Nguyen, author

"Discovering the power of GRACE, helps us truly find and live our best life ever," Kathy Kidd, founder, AuthorpreneurNetwork

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Dr. Anhlan Phuc Nguyen is an ICF certified coach with ACC credential, a professional speaker and a lifelong community activist who is passionate about youth leadership development and youth empowerment. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Lyceum Global – Life Skills and Professional Development for Success and Director of Marketing and Development for the Institute of Civic Education in Vietnam.

Contact: Dr. Anhlan Nguyen [email protected]

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