All Press Releases for November 19, 2020

Council of Hmong Public Relations (CHPR) Successfully Formed as the 2020 Presidential Election Commenced

The Creation of The Hmong Center in Washington D.C. Marks a Long Overdue Victory for the Hmong People with the Mission to Better Our People

    WASHINGTON, DC, November 19, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Council of Hmong Public Relations (CHPR), The Hmong Center Washington, DC a division of Hmong Tebchaws, is a non-profit organization incorporated in the District of Columbia. Our mission is to better the Hmong people and to maintain and strengthen their institution, culture, and tradition while promoting development in accordance with aspiration and need. CHPR is organized and operated exclusively to promote political, economic, social, and cultural enhancement. It also discourages all forms of discrimination and oppression wherever they may occur so the distinct Hmong people can live with peace and security, and not be subjected to any act of genocide or any other act of violence.

The Council of Hmong Public Relations has multiple distinct functions as follows:

1. Advocating for self-rule of the Hmong people in their ancestral lands in Southeast Asia.

2. Promoting, advancing, and improving the social and general welfare of the Hmong people in the United States and throughout the world.

3. Supporting the elimination of persecution of the Hmong people located in Southeast Asia and to advocate for their safety and security.

4. Promoting economic and agricultural development within the Hmong communities in Southeast Asia and abroad.

5. Advancing democracy, promoting human rights, and securing fundamental freedom for the Hmong people in Southeast Asia and abroad.

6. Supporting and fostering the cultural heritage of the Hmong people.

7. Promoting equal rights and equality of justice for the Hmong people.

8. Conducting, supporting, and advancing research and scholarship on the Hmong people including, but not limited to, the following topics: politics, economics, culture, and society.

9. Empowering Hmong women and girls to seek and secure equal justice and equal rights in the areas of education, employment, economic development, health care, safety, security, and all other aspects of their lives.

10. Analyzing domestic and foreign policies of the United States that affect the Hmong people and developing and advocating for legislation and government programs that promote the above purposes.

As a non-profit organization, CHPR depends on private, public, and corporate funding; indeed, it will need to obtain funding in the forms of raising funds, soliciting and receiving contributions, grants, services, and acquiring or receiving from any individual, firm, association, corporation, trust or foundation, by deed, gift, purchase, bequest, devise, lease, appointment, cash, securities, and other property, tangible or intangible, real or personal, in such manner as in the judgment of the organization will be best-promoting its stated purposes and goals.

CHPR also deems to receive and maintain a fund or funds, to invest or reinvest such fund or funds and to apply the income and principal of any funds received to promote the goals and purposes set out herein; and to perform all other acts necessary or incidental to the above and to do whatever is deemed necessary, useful, advisable, or conducive, directly, or indirectly, to carry out any of the purposes of the organization.

About Council of Hmong Public Relations

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