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Solomon Carter Discusses Compliance, Policy and Motivational Techniques Within Leadership on The ComplianceLive Podcast

In this Episode, Solomon breaks down cutting edge leadership techniques in motivating employees to exceed performance objectives, organizational culture shaping, the compliance implications and much more.

A masterful scale to equation where employees feel inherently compelled to operate within an organization's risk tolerances

    ATLANTA, GA, December 01, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In their 34th Episode and special re-branding event, ComplianceLive features an exclusive interview with Solomon Carter. Solomon, who calls on his present and past experience as an executive director, program leader, director of compliance and training, chief curricula development officer and consultant, offers fresh and cutting-edge perspectives for the audience.

His vast experience in both the public, private and NGO space gives a unique glimpse on how to simply get difficult things done. As the featured guest, Solomon shares thought leadership and innovative insight on a myriad of areas including but not limited to:
• Motivational vs. compulsion techniques in how to better communicate and motivate employees to exceed expectations in any book of business.
• What it takes to positively shape human behavior (culture shaping) within leadership and compliance roles.
• Methodologies and concepts in ensuring that organizations stay within their risk tolerances.
• How to make teams more accountable and how to reduce some of the stumbling blocks that degrade compliance, team performance and overall positive outcomes in the workplace.

Among the many concepts Solomon introduces in the Podcast, he offers ComplianceLive exclusive insight into his 70/30 minimum standard baseline for motivational vs. compulsion techniques for employee cultural compliance and performance. This concept teaches leadership teams the importance of understanding and striving to achieve a blend of the two techniques with an eye on obtaining a 100/0 motivational vs. compulsion blend. A masterful scale to equation where employees feel inherently compelled to operate within an organization's risk tolerances with fear of punishment being nullified as a result of training and cultural excellence.

Solomon's recent work is inspired in part by his work during the cholera outbreak in Haiti serving as the current executive director of All Power in His Hands Christian Mission. Additionally, he leads the Physicians Group Practices, Patient Financial Services, Office of Professional Development at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia.

Episode hosts, Amanda Hosenfeld and Michelle Zychowski offer a best in class podcast for compliance, ethics and risk professionals to gain expertise, perspective and learn emerging trends in the aforementioned areas to include training, leadership, culture, governance, policies and procedures, diversity and much more! They're affectionately known as the new "TMZ of Compliance"

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The ComplianceLive Podcast with Amanda Hosenfeld, Michelle Zychowski and Solomon Carter