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The Alternative to Social Media Advertising that Healthcare Has Been Looking For

Brazzell Marketing Agency Announces Audio Target Marketing - Combining the Audiences of Top Internet Radio Outlets to Form a Huge, Diverse Audience Reachable with Precision Audience Targeting

Brazzell Marketing Agency announces Audio Target Marketing – an advertising service that combines major internet radio outlets and delivers ads with social-media-style precise audience targeting.

    WOODLAWN, VA, November 24, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Companies small and large have been announcing that they will pause their social media advertising in favor of more traditional outlets. The question is, "How long will they be able to resist the very low cost per ad view, the precise ad performance reporting, and the detailed audience targeting available through the top social media advertising platforms?" Without real alternatives, the answer may be, "Not for long." Arriving with one alternative, Brazzell Marketing Agency announces Audio Target Marketing – an advertising service that combines major internet radio outlets and delivers commercials with social-media-style precise audience targeting.

"For local healthcare providers, these audience targeting capabilities prove especially valuable. Broadcast media often make it hard for niche healthcare providers like private-duty home care agencies and hospice agencies to achieve return on investment," explains Gary Brazzell, president of Brazzell Marketing Agency. "For many local healthcare providers, their ad delivery needs to be very local, focused on specific age groups, and sometimes focused on specific genders, if the healthcare provider is to have a chance of return on investment."

Brazzell Marketing Agency's new service, Audio Target Marketing, seamlessly combines the audiences of top streaming radio and podcast outlets, including more than 100,00 local and regional radio stations. This results in a combined audience of more than 200 million American listeners, including a large percentage of the seniors so sought after by healthcare advertisers. What's more, Brazzell's Audio Target Marketing harnesses the precision of digital advertising, allowing clients to advertise only to certain counties or zip codes and specified age groups. Advertisers can even deliver ads only to people with certain personal characteristics such as income level, pet owners, business owners, etc. Much like social media advertising, Audio Target Marketing offers precise reporting on the number of listeners, number of ad exposures, demographics of people hearing the ads, listen-through rates, etc.

This is no self-service platform, though. Brazzell Marketing Agency only offers Audio Target Marketing as a full-service campaign. In consultation with clients, the agency writes the scripts, produces the commercials, designs the graphics that display while the commercials play, places the ads, and monitors the performance of the campaigns. They accomplish this with an estimated, all-inclusive, cost per ad play ranging from a mere 2.7 cents to 4.2 cents – depending on the budget level advertisers choose.

"The combined audience size, specific audience targeting, low cost, and precision performance reporting puts Audio Target Marketing on par with the best social medial advertising," declares Brazzell Marketing Agency operations manager, Tina Cline. "We offer social media advertising services to our clients. Now they have an additional option with many of the same strengths. In some cases, Audio Target Marketing will be better than social media advertising, in other cases not. Where the two options are roughly equal, businesses now have the option to diversify their media mix without losing the advantages that formerly were exclusive to social media advertising."

Founded in 2003, Brazzell Marketing Agency, is a nationwide, full-service marketing agency specializing in health care marketing, especially outpatient and community-based health care such as home care, physical therapy, home health, and hospice. With more than 1,700 health care marketing clients across the USA, and somewhat internationally, Brazzell Marketing Agency's core services include consultation & strategy, graphic design, technical writing, promotional writing, websites and online marketing, offset printing, development of digital solutions, newsletters, and mailing services.

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