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Insane Growth of the CBD Gummy Market

History of CBD Gummies and Why it is Popular Today

seniors have since become the fastest-growing demographic of CBD consumers in the past year.

    SAN BERNARDINO, CA, November 25, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The last couple of years has been a good one for the CBD industry. CBD has become one of the most popular forms of treatment for various ailments.

According to various studies conducted and a 2019 New York Times article, CBD has the potential to treat depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and, many more.

With CBD being a popular option for individuals suffering from a variety of ailments, a ton of CBD products and byproducts have been launched, all seeking to offer consumers immense health benefits.

One of the products of cannabidiol, CBD gummies have become popular in recent times because of its therapeutic qualities.

History of CBD Gummies and Why it is Popular Today

Arguably the biggest catalyst for CBD growth is the Farm Bill which pushed for the legalization on a national level. Since then, CBD has become the go-to treatment option for young people. However, there's a current upswing in its older consumers. According to a report published by the AARP (American Association of Retired People), seniors have since become the fastest-growing demographic of CBD consumers in the past year.

Besides this, there has been an upswing in the availability of CBD products like gummies which are currently seen as the best option for younger people who want to enjoy the many benefits of CBD.

Current State of the CBD Gummy Market

As of 2018, the CBD gummy market was valued at $998.2 million, with experts speculating that a communal annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 31% is imminent.

The movement for the legalization of CBD all over the country has been the major catalyst for the growth of this industry. Besides this, the lack of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in CBD gummies have also played a key role in the growth of this nascent market. Without THC in these gummies, consumers will often find their daily ailments, aches and pains will significantly decrease.

Future of the CBD Gummy Market

With North America accounting for over 63% of global CBD gummy sales, it is currently the largest region for CBD gummies. The legalization of CBD in this part has greatly affected the overall growth of this industry.

Besides North America, Europe has also been identified as a major contributor to the growth of this industry. With an emerging demographic of consumers, most of them seeing gummies as the perfect alternative to smoking cannabis, the market in this region is expected to triple before the
end of 2021.

The rising demand for CBD products in Uruguay and Australia has been made possible by the legalization of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes is expected to increase the global value of the market before the year 2025.

Finally, the CBD gummy market is one that is bound to grow beyond expectations. TriLabs Manufacturing, located in Southern California is one of the leading white label CBD companies that are producing gummies.

The Best White-Label CBD Gummy in the Market

The growth of this industry has spurred most manufacturers to venture into the production and distribution of CBD edibles like gummies. Regardless of this influx, one white label company, Tri Labs Manufacturing, has stayed true to its core vision, which is to offer consumers high-quality hemp oil mixed with MCT and hemp seed.

The Tri Labs Gummies have been manufactured to offer you a ton of health benefits without the high-effect associated with THC.

With a variety of flavors to choose from, ranging from apple to strawberry, orange, cinnamon, coconut, etc., this CBD product offers you all that you need. They also offer gummies that help you sleep or ease anxieties.

Organically grown, made in the USA, and with 0.0% of THC, the TriLabs Gummies is the perfect CBD edible for you.

TriLabs is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of white-label finished goods and bulk CBD products. Our unique ability to efficiently scale both upwards and downwards to align with each customer's needs, allows us to offer the most comprehensive and accessible private label, white-label, and brand-ready wholesale solutions in the industry.

Our prices are the best in the market, our quality is top of the line, and our service offering can't be beaten.

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