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The World's First Smart Auto-Navigation & Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount

Simply place your smartphone for automatic navigation launch and fast wireless charging at once. Returns to Indiegogo In-demand after Kickstarter campaign.

    NEW YORK, NY, November 26, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Recently, more people prefer to use a smartphone navigation system than a regular car navigation. The reason is that the former has become more convenient to use by the development of more precise map applications and navigation technology. The demand for car mounts is also increasing as the popularity of smartphone navigations is rising.

Numerous industries have challenged and jumped into the car mount market. CNA has been studying wireless charging and NFC for applying to daily appliances and finally produced XCAN. This XCAN is a fast wireless charger for vehicles and launches a navigation app automatically when putting a smartphone on it with NFC technology.

CNA's new product XCAN has attracted many drivers' attention through launching in November on Indiegogo.

The XCAN is the first car product CNA has released, right after its development of a frame type wireless charger. The XCAN is an exceptional charger for vehicles since it charges phones faster and is equipped with NFC technology that launches apps automatically which is not found in previous products. When drivers put their phone on the XCAN, its wings hold it tightly and turns on the navigation system automatically. In addition, when users turn off their car, the XCAN immediately opens its slides which allows them to pick their phone up easily.

NFC mounted in the XCAN is communication technology that exchanges wireless data and is widely used in everyday life such as various terminals and applications. Drivers can input desired applications like music or other navigation apps in the XCAN through NFC, so apps will be executed automatically when phones are on the XCAN.

Other than its convenience and fast charging, the main reason why the XCAN has received a lot of attention is CNA's unique technology. CNA blocks interference between NFC and wireless charging in the XCAN; many other wireless products cannot. A simple problem while driving can cause a huge accident, so CNA's technology that had overcome such challenge has been appreciated by drivers and engineers.

Aside from its technical advances, the XCAN also gathered huge attention because of its phone mount function . When starting up a car, the phone mount swiftly opens its wings and would firmly grab the phone when it is placed in. The XCAN uses its auto holding technique that identifies the phone only. This is because XCAN is designed with a FOD sensor that does not respond to foreign objects, other than smartphones unlike other regular IR sensors with frequent minor errors. When the device or car turns off, slide wings open. This helps the users easily pick their phone up without extra handling.

Fast wireless charging is also one of the XCAN's greatest features. It does not require a direct connection for charging, and drivers never have to worry about low battery for long trips.

Furthermore, The XCAN offers an exclusive app "XCAN Tools" for free to accommodate an even convenient user experience where the user can register a navigation for an automatic run on the XCAN. This app supports both the Android and iOS (above XS model) as well.

CNA's XCAN engineers say that users find it messy to have wires for both phone charging and navigation and exhausting to control the device at the same time.

Through these experiences, CNA has implemented their own technology, professionalism, and developments to create the XCAN. A representative of CNA says that he hopes users will have safe and comfortable driving while using the XCAN.

Meanwhile, the world's first automatic smart navigation holder XCAN is planned to be released in October through American's greatest crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Check more details in the CNA and Indiegogo homepages below.

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