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Learning and Games are Friendly Mingled! Minglecon!

Minglecon provides convergence of gamification for children's computational thinking, such as logical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

    KYUNGGI-DO, KOREA, November 28, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Amid Covid 19, there is a company, Minglecon Co., Ltd. that joys both children and parents with the gamified approaches for computational thinking. 'Learning and games are friendly mingled, a catchphrase of Minglecon" Helen Jean([email protected]), the CEO of Minglecon said.

Dr. Jean added "Lots of children are still struggling with a problem solving skill because of lack of learning motivation from the researches, studies and 24 working career experiences. If they can have more learning motivation with the aid of gamified approaches, gamification can be the most useful tool, particularly for children's problem solving skill which is a core competence in 21st century in computational thinking. I am sure you know we need computational thinking in everyday life and particularly children to need it at anytime and anywhere for their better lives."

Minglecon Co., Ltd. provides convergence of gamification mainly for children's computational thinking skills and English language proficiency.

1. Convergence with hands-on kits is called 'Minglebot' (unplugged computational thinking kit_12 sets)'. Minglebot kit is delivered in multi-lingual ways like Korean, Vietnamese, English, Thai, and Chinese. Minglebot combines the concepts and principles of computational thinking skills, such as pattern recognition, decomposition, abstraction, algorithm, and debugging by utilizing games, music, PE, playing arts and crafts. It helps children solve problems they may encounter in their daily life. It is based on the basic concepts and principles of computational thinking. These can be practically liaised with "Minglebot, help!" which is a mobile application.

1. Minglebot Unplugged Computational Thinking Kit-12sets

2. Convergence services with mobile apps are
- "Minglebot, help!" app, which is a functional puzzle game that combines the concepts and principles of computational thinking skills.
Minglebot, Help!- Free download app

- "Minglecon rolling English 240", a total of 4 apps are for English language proficiency, targeting fancy stickers into the movable basket hoops. All the words, quizzes, and sentences of these games are developed based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) which is an international standard for describing English language proficiency.

Minglecon 240 ----free download 4 apps

- "Zzam Zzam TOEIC" app is for learners' English language proficiency gamification, targeting from primary schoolers to adults. ... 1515076250

3. Convergence service with AI robot and the STEAM robot is in progress both in Korea and Vietnam.

Dr. Helen Jean, the CEO of Minglecon has over 24 years' educational career and mentioned
"There are three distinctive features of Minglecon.
1. Good quality content
2. Potentiality of scale up
3. Multi-Industry Channels - We are on the track of Knowledge service industry at the moment and we can expand into the health care service like anti-obesity, ADHD, dementia because of characteristics of gamification."

Minglecon Co., Ltd has been fostering Edu Crew members to enable sustainable such quality content, and the CEO, Helen Jean aims to expand into global markets with the local and global partners.

'I do hope Minglecon's gamification service to be a shortcut for both children's and Edu crew's better lives. I am looking for partners and investors to do more progressive marketing,"




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