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[PangyoTechnoValley] 3D JUN's 3D Modeling Solution Boasts Unparalleled Reproduction Range

- Solve the technical problem of unstable expression of 3D modeling with machine learning - Developed own solutions and started supplying them to national institutions and private energy companies

The company has developed technology by carrying out projects with various public enterprises and energy companies such as KISTEC's bridge 3D model project, KOROAD's bridge 3D model project

    LOS ANGELES, CA, November 30, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- 3D JUN, a 3D modeling solution company that utilizes image/video data, provides 3D models based on image data for large facilities that are difficult to access or for all objects that require maintenance and repair. 3D JUN developed a 3D modeling solution from a photographic point of view to improve the reproducibility from 97% to 100%, and for 3D modeling of large facilities, it shows a high photo alignment accuracy without double image by using machine learning in addition to GIS.

While majoring in photography in graduate school, 3D JUN CEO Jang Joon-hee took a photogrammetry class that teaches the photogrammetry technique that uses photos to create 3D models including textures. From this, he recognized the problems in the process of converting photos to 3D models, and began to take interest in the technology that can improve this. "When conducting a due-diligence based 3D modeling work with a drone, it is difficult to reproduce reflective and transmissive objects in 3D graphics with the current technologies, so the reproducibility is only about 80%," said Jang. He then said, "When converting image data into a 3D model, 20% of the error results in a double image or jagging, creating a fatal error in the process of materialization."

To solve this problem, Jang developed a machine learning toolkit and image processing engine, and at the end of last year, he improved the technical completion of the prototype and completed commercialization. Jang explained, "Despite being a startup company, we were able to quickly enter the B2B market by solving the technical problem of unstable expression of 3D modeling through machine learning and securing an overwhelmingly high reproducibility."

3D JUN's self-developed photorealistic 3D modeling solution uses ray tracing technology to 3D modeling to model scattered reflected, reflected, and transmitted objects with high reproducibility. In addition, the image proliferation technology is applied to 3D modeling to maximize the sharpness of the image to be used, so that the reading rate of textures and characters is very high. Currently, 3D JUN has completed the development of its own solution and is supplying products to national agencies like KISTEC, public enterprises in charge of power generation facilities, private energy companies, and telecommunications companies.

The company has developed technology by carrying out projects with various public enterprises and energy companies, such as KISTEC's bridge 3D model project, KOROAD's bridge 3D model project, and hydroelectric power plant and thermal power plant's 3D model project. Before proceeding with a large-scale project, 3D JUN uses drones to shoot the scene over three days. There are many companies that provide similar services, but the problem is that the reproduction rate is insufficient. Jang said, "We have been able to obtain high-quality images through aviation, drones, and general cameras, but it is not easy to obtain images by controlling the variables of various industrial sites. Shooting is an area that focuses on experience rather than calculation, and you need to have an understanding of and perfect shooting experience to improve accuracy." In addition, "Pangyo has the optimal infrastructure for IT companies and solution companies, so it is like the Silicon Valley where companies can take advantage of."

Regarding the future plans, Jang said, "By trying to link government R&D projects, we can not only promote the excellence of technology, but also seek the possibility of proving the 3D modeling technology in an official document. Through this, we plan to expand the progress of large-scale projects with national agencies or private companies, and establish a more stable business foundation."

3D JUN is based in Pangyo. Pangyo Technovalley is the Asia Tech Hub where more than 1,200 companies in IT, CT, and BT sectors with innovative products and technologies are gathered. Located just south of the Seoul metropolitan area, easy transportation access and infrastructure provides the best environment for Korean companies to conduct businesses.

Various high-tech companies are located here, with more than 64 thousand full-time workers with a vast majority in their 20s and 30s. By industries, companies in the high-tech industry are made up of IT companies, content technology companies, biotechnology companies, and nanotechnology companies.

With the support from innovative companies with global capabilities like Kakao, NHN Entertainment, AhnLab, Krafton, NCSOFT, Nexon, and Hancom at hand, companies in Pangyo Technovalley made over 100 trillion in revenue this year. A 20% increase from last year, it is expected to become one of the best IT clusters in Korea in near future, along with advanced technology research institutes like Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology, KAIST, ETRI, and KETI working together to develop the relevant technologies further.

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