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Succeeding Against All Odds: Doni-Jo Minor-Munro and Her Tsa HO fa Non-Profit Have Navigated the Pandemic Capably, Now It's Time to End 2020 on a High Note

Tsa HO fa is a consortium of Traditional Indian Educators led by Doni-Jo Minor-Munro. They offer multiple grant programs providing academic outreach and support to American Indian public school children in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.

If you could see these children every day, as I do, you would know just how much potential is there. Despite the challenges that await them.

    SANTA MARIA, CA, November 30, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Doni-Jo Minor-Munro is one of the most amazing women in the country. She is also one of America's great unsung heroes.

What's that? Are we exaggerating?

In fact, no; if anything, those words aren't strong enough to capture the appropriate sentiment behind who this person is, and why that matters so much—especially in 2020.

Ms. Munro is the CEO/CFO of Our Children Are Sacred, Inc. and Tsa HO fa, the latter of which is a consortium of Traditional Indian Educators. Nearly two years ago, she was honored by the prestigious White Bison organization, where she now holds the title of Master Facilitator. This unique distinction is testament to her tireless efforts as a champion of American Indian youth and Native culture. Ms. Munro has twice now attended the annual NIEA Hill Day in Washington D.C., where she has been able to affect change on behalf of her people. With the undivided attention of many of America's top leaders and lawmakers, Tsa HO fa, under Ms. Munro's leadership, has been able to advance their goals to a significant degree.

Ms. Munro believes in traditional Indian services including: Native American Pre-K through 12th grade school, healing ceremonies, ICWA family support, "Healing with Horses," and Native Veterans sweat lodge programs. She is affiliated with UNIC, USET and the National Indian Education Association (NIEA).

With Doni-Jo at the helm, Tsa HO fa has really made a name for itself over time, particularly during the last two years. You might have seen their groundbreaking, 2018-19 promotional campaign in Times Square, New York City, where the organization enjoyed a level of exposure of which most companies could only dream. Towering ads for Tsa HO fa appeared on at least twelve separate, larger-than-life, digital billboards, including the NASDAQ tower and the Thomson Reuters location. But this never could have happened without the substance and success of Tsa HO fa.

"Cultural integrity is everything," said Ms. Munro, earlier this year during the D.C. event. She would know, representing arguably the most historically maligned and marginalized people in American history.

Just over one month after making this statement, the entire world was devastated by COVID-19, which had already been creeping through continental America in those early, February days. Ms. Munro looked on as her community was thrust into the deep end of an already difficult situation. Whether or not people realize, the Native Americans are a highly sidelined group. Their tribes are often subject to hate crimes, substance abuse problems, financial hardships, systemic racism, and more.

"We were here first," explains Doni-Jo. "Indisputably, Native Americans claimed America first. Yet, we don't ask anyone to undo what was done to us centuries ago, but we do expect fair and just treatment in the present. But it always seems to elude us. Native American communities are disproportionately affected by just about every negative cultural, societal, political and economical thing you can think of!"

Doni-Jo Minor-Munro has been effectively carrying the Tsa HO fa organization through one storm after another. She has managed to keep everything running smoothly in day-to-day life, while also maintaining a dynamic, acclaimed online presence.

So you can better understand this, let's talk statistics for a moment: The Tsa HO fa official website has had nearly 800,000 visitors in less than two years. Eight hundred thousand! Continuing to break its own performance records often on a month to month basis, it's safe to say that Tsa HO fa has people talking—and a lot of 'em! Even during these uncertain times, Ms. Munro's business acumen and historically wise decision-making have allowed Tsa HO fa to not only continue, but to flourish in its singular purpose of helping Native American youth.

"Whatever happens in this world, our children come first," explains Doni-Jo, pointedly. "Life is going to be hard enough for these kids. It already is, in many cases. The littlest ones are protected by innocence, but as these kids get older each and every one of them is going to experience the ugliest sides of humanity, and it breaks my heart to pieces. My vision since day one has been to create a world that protects these kids' interests—because nobody else will. We all have to look out for each other."

Tsa HO fa is the culmination of Doni-Jo Minor-Munro's entire lifetime of work and learning. She has poured every ounce of herself into this organization because she cares so deeply; so endlessly, for her children. Between her foster parent status and the unique kinship system of the American Indian people, Doni-Jo is often quite literally the mother of many youngsters in her community.

"It's about legacy. It's about things that are bigger than all of us," says Gilbert Harper, Tsa HO fa's second in command, and Ms. Munro's closest associate. "We honor [Doni-Jo] so much. I was put in this world to make her vision come true."

Mr. Harper is usually right by Doni-Jo's side when any official Tsa HO fa business is at hand. His dedication during the Hill Day event in 2019 and 2020 was essential, as the pair oversaw operations in D.C., and formulated plans to have Tsa HO fa heard as loudly as possible. Without her "A-Team" Doni-Jo would have a hard time getting everything done on her own. It is through these friends and associates that Ms. Munro is able to fully realize her brilliant vision.

All of this is precisely why Doni-Jo Minor-Munro will succeed, despite the current state of the country. There is no doubt about this; it is simply a fact. Doni-Jo has created a formidable foundation for the organization itself through her many efforts; the official website, her podumentary series, her popular news and promotional presence, and of course her ability to run Tsa HO fa efficiently and effectively.

However, there is one area where Tsa HO fa needs your help, and this is fundraising. Keeping things running for the Native American children whom Doni-Jo loves so dearly is not an inexpensive venture. This has been a labor of love, through and through.

When asked in early 2020 if the Tsa HO fa organization would survive, Doni-Jo answered very simply, "We have to."

Nothing sums up her spirit and drive better than that statement alone. Failure, as they say, is not an option. With outside support, Tsa HO fa can fully realize their dream of providing a mentally and physically healthy, happy, safe future for our Native American children. Not just today, not just tomorrow, but for all the years ahead.

"It doesn't matter if you're Native American or not," says Ms. Munro. "We accept help from anyone, anywhere. So, your help would be much appreciated. I'll tell you something, if you could see these children every day, as I do, you would know just how much potential is there. Despite the challenges that await them."

To that end, Tsa HO fa will be officially launching their GoFundMe page in December 2020, which will allow you to assist in supporting these amazing, American Indian children with grant programs and so much more.

Ms. Munro adds: "People talk about how 2020 is the worst year in modern history, and they may very well be right. But, just take a moment to think about how you would feel if every year were kind of like 2020! In some ways, that's exactly what our youth goes through every day.

"There is forever racial injustice and systemic racism towards us. Sickness spreads throughout our communities in the form of substance abuse and hate crimes. We face increasingly serious threats against our freedom and financial well-being. We're even afraid to leave our own homes for fear of bullying, or worse, based on our skin color. The difference is, however, we can't cover up, or diminish this stuff with a face mask or social distancing. This is just life for many of our kids.

"This is why I fight for change. I want someday to be able to say I helped create a seismic shift in Native American culture—specifically, the rights and treatment of these kids—and you should want it, too."

Please click here to visit Tsa HO fa's official website to donate directly before next month's GoFundMe goes live.

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