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Gwangmyeong Gyeonggi Cultural Creation Hub Special 'MIK HOT SPOT (Made in Korea Online Trade fair) was held on the 4th

A new attempt to promote Korean companies to domestic and overseas markets in the post-COVID-19 era!

    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 07, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A new attempt to promote Korean companies to domestic and overseas markets in the post-COVID-19 era!

Special Feature on Overseas Networking and Marketing Support Project!

'AVING NEWS', Korea's only convention media and online trade fair center itself, has started a project to help Korean SMEs enter the domestic and international markets through 'MIK HOT SPOT (Made in Korea Online Trade fair)', which will become a hot spot for global online trade fair halls.

The online trade fair will be held 356 days a year, with the opening of MIK ONLINE HOT SPOT trade fair, business introduction video for buyers and investors, domestic and overseas promotion, target promotion for the MIK HOT SPOT network, and follow-up management according to buyer and investor contacts.

The 12 companies that participated in the special feature of this 'MIK HOT SPOT_Overseas Networking and Marketing Support Project' are as follows: •MOMMYSPOT •ANAPA KOREA •Delis •Nuvilabs •Darye and •KTMnDTM

MOMMYSPOT introduced an eco-friendly coating technology using NON-GMO flaxseed oil. MOMMYSPOT works with the first generation of experienced foundries in Korea, manufacturing all products by hand, not by artificial method to mass-produce using machines. It takes 30 days to make a single product, and it takes 7 to 10 days only for the process to completely tame the internal quality.

MOMMYSPOT attempted the process to completely tame the internal quality of casting for the first time in the world in the non-coated casting product market, which is a very innovative seasoning technology. Its coating method is not a chemical coating that is harmful to the environment or burning only the surface with oil, but it gradually penetrates the oil by controlling the temperature of the highest quality NON-GMO edible oil.

Anapa Korea introduced a bio-health care wearable product that uses microcurrent. Anapa Korea manufactures and sells micro-current coin patches, bracelets & necklaces, knee protectors, and toothbrushes.

An official said, "The microcurrent effect has already been proven in many medical papers, such as alleviating muscle pain, inflammation, neuralgia, etc., and hospitals are also carrying out treatments using microcurrent. For the general public to feel the microcurrent effect just by easily attaching and wearing a product in everyday life, we have developed bio-health care wearable products such as micro-current coin patches, bracelets & necklaces, knee protectors, and toothbrushes."
Regarding the reason to participate in the overseas networking and market support business, "I hope this will be an opportunity to inform overseas customers of Anapa's microcurrent products. Through various marketing such as Influencer marketing, search advertisement, joint purchase, etc., we will strive to raise awareness of or products, and we are targeting to reach sales of 2 billion KRW in 2021."

Delis Co., Ltd. introduced natural broth instant solid broth. An official said, "We were founded on September 19, 2018 and has developed solid broth that is simple and convenient to store since then. Our goal is to have many people use our broth to cook conveniently, so that they can spend their remaining time with their family or on other important tasks."
"Our instant solid natural broth is a mixture of powder and extract of natural ingredients, and it boiled once as if actually boiling broth to make a savory undiluted solution. Since this undiluted solution is made into blocks by a freeze-dried method, it has a deep savory flavor like actual broth so people can make a delicious broth as it dissolves in boiling water in 3 seconds. Since food waste is not generated in this process, it is eco-friendly and can reduce the cost of food ingredients."

Nuvilabs introduced AI food scanning technology. Established in 2018, Nuvilabs has developed an AI food scanner that can accurately measure the type and amount of food using AI object recognition and distance measurement sensor technology. Through this, it provides a food waste reduction solution and diet-based healthcare services.

The official said, "We seek to contribute to reducing food waste by preventing food wastes from excessively amount of food cooked to be discarded. Our food waste reduction solution predicts number of people who will per day at restaurants, catering centers, and buffets, to help with order of appropriate food ingredients as well as cooking. It provides a healthcare solution based on personal dietary habits through big data analysis and the collection of data on intake/remaining amount by scanning food before/after customers' meals."

Darye introduced smart IOT platform 'ARAUM'. An official said 'ARAUM' is an optimal spatial scent solution reflecting the analysis data of space characteristics and air quality (VOCs, floating population, temperature and humidity, scent spray). With ARAUM, users can express space identity by adding fragrance to air appliances."

The official also said "Our product provides an optimal scent solution for air quality in future spaces through air quality monitoring and big data. By adding the function of air quality data conversion, we have localized vaporized scent devices, which had been dependent only on imports, and have exported them as a result."

KTMnDTM introduced its brick molding technology and manufacturing devices. An official said that "Our brick molding manufacturing equipment recycles waste plastic to help assemble bricks. Since our technology can maximize constructability, even unskilled people can easily construct walls."

He added that "Given the characteristics of basic building materials, 3 tons or more of waste plastic per house can be recycled. Our manufacturing device is eco-friendly item since it can treat a large amount of waste plastic. We seek to expand the supply of relevant technologies and equipment from now on."

Meanwhile, Gwangmyeong Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub, which supports companies participating in 'MIK HOT SPOT (Made in Korea Online Trade fair)', was established by Gyeonggi Province, Gwangmyeong City, and Gyeonggi Contents Agency to build a startup ecosystem for supporting cultural startups in eco design and cultural contents.

Gwangmyeong Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub will be carrying out 'Overseas Networking and Market Support Project' under the theme of 'Startup to Protect the Earth – Globalization Edition' for startups in Gyeonggi Province. The market size of eco-friendly products in South Korea was about 4 billion won as of the end of December 2018, and it is continuously expanding. In particular, with the domestic eco-friendly product market expecting to grow significantly in the future through the Green New Deal announced in July 2020, the Gwangmyeong Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub has established a program for companies to enter overseas markets specialized in the 'eco' industry.

In addition, global news network 'AVING NEWS' runs 365 days a year the 'MIK Hot Spot' (Made in Korea Online Trade Fair), which helps small and medium-sized businesses enter the market and attract investment. 'AVING NEWS' has been running an online trade fair center since 2005, and has a record of holding 975 online trade fairs so far. Its own YouTube online trade fair has 19,000 videos (booths), watched by more than 800,000 viewers and 10 million viewers annually, establishing itself as the largest online trade fair center in Korea.

The online trade fair 'MIK HOT SPOT' is regularly held according to the field, target market, and participating organizations, and presents a new form of online business by delivering the know-how and values of participating firms in accordance with the trend. Companies can participate individually in the trade fair and can apply participation through the marketing support project of each local government's corporate support office (needs to check and inquire separately since the procedure varies by each institution).

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