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Jerome Karam Houston's Real Estate Projects Boost City Aesthetic Value

Jerome Karam of Houston, Texas, is helping the city flourish.

    HOUSTON, TX, December 15, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Jerome Karam Houston's Real Estate projects have become the talk of the city for the past five years. Karam has earned fame as a real estate developer who can revitalize an area and boost space's economic value through remodeling, restructuring, or repurposing. Before Houston, Karam worked on mega real estate projects for other cities of Texas. Now he is planning to amplify Houston's aesthetic value by adding a world-class gym, multi-purpose hotel facility, fitness center, and much more. Jerome has set innovative real estate trends for other developers in Houston as many market players have started thinking to follow in his footsteps.

World Gym Houston

This visionary real-estate developer focuses more on advanced projects that can add value to society. In 2018, Karam bought Cossaboom Family YMCA located at 7903 South Loop E, Houston, TX 77012. Jerome Karam Houston aims to repurpose the area and come up with something more meaningful for residents. This iconic community center will soon transform into World Gym Houston. The community needs an elite-class fitness center that allows Houston people to meet their healthy lifestyle goals. This 45,000 sq foot facility would also become a self-storage area and offer enough storage space to both industrial and residential customers.

Right Move Storage

Another project from Jerome Karam Houston's development plan is Right Move Storage. In 2019, Karam acquired the abandoned building of Alvin Hospital and decided to turn this space into a climate control self-storage facility. The shift would take some time. Karam decided about this project after looking into general public needs as people didn't have an efficient storage facility. Thereby, he took this initiative to facility Houston residents.

Galveston Bay Club

People are always searching for a home that offers breathtaking scenery from the window. It seems like their dream homes are under construction as Mr. Karam bought over property located at 11 Mile Road in 2014. This residential project would offer many new families to people in Galveston. The best thing about these homes is that their window will face Eckert Bayou. The real beauty of this residential project lies in the road less traveled on Galveston's West End. Once this project completes, people will rely on boats to move to and from their homes.

Falstaff Hotel

Falstaff Hotel, formally known as Falstaff Brewery, is one of the largest real estate projects of Jerome Karam. This place has a rich history as it was built in 1895 by the Galveston Brewing company. However, it was acquired by Falstaff in 1950. This brewery became the nation's third-largest brewery only in four years, and it offered jobs to almost 400 people. In 1981, Falstaff's headquarters shifted from St.Louis to California, so the place closed. In 2015, JMK5 holding bought it. The new development plan is to make three different uses of this place. It's rooftop will be used for private wedding events, while its 4-stories indoor area would work as a climate control space. Jerome Karam Houston has a plan to remodel its 110 room boutique hotel to offer a taste of luxury to every customer.

Redefining Houston Beauty

JKM5 holds many real-estate projects in the pipelines while it has completed and sold some great commercial and residential projects in other states. Jerome Karam is planning to redefine Houston's beauty by offering this place a top-class gym that would let residents keep up with their fitness schedule. The Galveston Club is one of the eye-catching residential projects that would bring homes with optimal aesthetic appeal. Repurposing old property and transforming it into a mega useful community project helps Jerome Karam Houston earned world-class recognition.

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