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Elevations RTC Helps Families During a Teen's Healing Journey

Elevations RTC is helping teens around the nation heal.

    SALT LAKE CITY, UT, December 17, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Residential treatment center Elevations RTC continues putting together opportunities to help the entire family during a teenager's time on campus. Each year, they add new options for families to always feel like they are part of the healing process. This effort to keep them constantly involved also helps them get through the challenging time with a family member missing from the household.

Staying connected from far away

For staff at Elevations RTC, the goal is to help students as much as possible during their time on campus in setting up a seamless transition back home. All families have concerns and deal with stress regarding the healing process as well. It is essential to keep family up-to-date as it is seeing a difference with students.

Whether it is virtually or in person, Elevations RTC provides more options than most residential treatment centers. It is an integral part of the teenager's healing process to live in an isolated campus setting, but complete separation from the family is counterproductive. That is why families have a few options to be part of the solution.

Student and parent orientation

Both students and parents have the opportunity to go through orientation at Elevations RTC. This is an excellent opportunity to treat the residential treatment center like a traditional school. They have the chance to meet the small staff that works with students every single day.

Since Elevations RTC relies on a small staff, it is easy to keep up to date with every person if a parent wants to. They can receive reports directly on how the teenager is doing and any causes for concern.

Online family therapy

One of the most popular opportunities made available by Elevations RTC is a weekly online therapy session for families. Every single family of a current student is encouraged to connect through video chat to learn about what is currently happening on campus. The real value is having the opportunity to ask staff members and other parents questions.

A lot of the online family therapy sessions end up resembling a round table discussion at times. Families all around the country are dealing with the recovery process as well, and families can bounce ideas off each other. Graduates of Elevations RTC and their parents are also part of the online therapy sessions occasionally to give a different perspective.

Visiting opportunities

Families capable of visiting campus have a couple of opportunities to take advantage of. The first is to coordinate a visit by calling the residential treatment center and setting things up. Certain times make more sense for a visit than others, but scheduling is flexible with enough warning beforehand.

Another visiting opportunity is to attend a parent seminar. Held a few times each year, these parent seminars focus heavily on improving family dynamics. The goal with Elevations RTC is to strengthen that bond back home since a stay on campus will only last a few months. These parent seminars last just two days, but families can accomplish much in a short amount of time. Families also get an opportunity to see their child's progress.

Keeping families connected and supported

Every teenager benefits from having a strong support system to help with the healing process. A considerable part of that is having a connected and supportive family. To keep them engaged, resources are key. Families and parents who stay involved throughout a teenager's stay on campus increase the chances of a positive outcome. With new opportunities to connect all the time, it is an easy decision for most.

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