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Last Wishes Transition Services is a New Legal Service Designed to Help People Plan for the End of their Lives in a Modern and Unconventional Way

In this Covid age people need help with disposing of their property and electronic footprint without burdening their family or friends. Sometimes this need includes a reading of grievances at their own funeral.

All of us have secrets. And most of us do not want those secrets to be revealed to anyone, ever.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 17, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Last Wishes Transition Services is a new legal service designed to help people plan for the end of their lives in a modern and unconventional way.

Here's our story: A lawyer recently had a client diagnosed with terminal cancer. That person was living out his final days in hospice and wanted some things done before he passed. But he did not want to burden his friends or family with these chores. So he called his attorney.

The attorney arranged for the client's computer to be removed and disposed of. He collected certain items of property at the client's house, ensuring they were distributed in accordance with the client's wishes or destroyed entirely. He read a letter for the client at his own funeral which included some very heartfelt words as well as some criticisms for others.

Many people have their economic estate plans in place with their wills and their trusts. They've appointed a trustee who, when the time comes, will wrap up their financial affairs after they've left this world.

All of us have secrets. And most of us do not want those secrets to be revealed to anyone, ever. LWTS creates an attorney-client relationship that will ensure those confidences remain undiscovered and unknown forever. We dispose what needs to be disposed of and everything we do for the client is covered by an absolute and inviolate attorney-client privilege. We go to your house at your direction and what we do there or find there remains unknown to everyone forever.

Covid has made younger people sick and in fear of being sick. These are people who often times have not contemplated their mortality and have not planned for it either. LWTS has helped some of these people prepare for these uncertain times by creating a plan of action should they become ill. Sometimes property is retrieved and held in trust by LWTS lawyers until they recover in full. Sometimes the end sadly comes and their best and final wishes are enacted exactly as they wanted.

Last Wishes Transition Services is here to serve modern needs and we are ready to talk about it with you. Contact Nicholas Tepper, Esq. for an interview.

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