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Mankind Needs a Victory

Basking in the glory of defeating our neighbor is not a victory for mankind.

    NEW YORK, NY, December 20, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Abraham Initiative has recently launched its new website,, a website that has been devoted towards increasing understanding and awareness of social issues related to humanity, equality, unity, and peace. The site aims to build a united society by highlighting its challenges and obstacles.

We know that conflicts are common in all societies and especially in divided societies. When we use the term "divided society," we discuss divisions between groups based on politics, ethnicity, economic interest, nationalism, or religion. There are several features around which identity groups coalesce, i.e., language, religion, a sense of a shared history, identification with a distinctive area or territory. Many issues arise when the state is seen to favor or identify with one community as against another. Victory Initiative aims to build a united and peaceful nation.

We can see the most common reasons behind the divisions and violence are racism, nationalism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and homophobia. The emergence of separate economies, with healthy elites in penthouses high above struggling streets, or coastal states surging ahead and interior states falling behind. A society can be united if there is a plan for economic growth that spreads outside the cities, offers broadly shared prosperity, and includes everyone. A truly great country worthy of exceptionalism would rise to the challenge of healing the wounds of hate and division.

We believe in building a united society, and for this, we need to examine ourselves and our beliefs and act appropriately toward each other. Instead of looking down on others, we should consider ways to lift each other. All of us have ethical responsibilities that should guide how we interact with each other. We have to take the time to hear what others are saying. We should never act intentionally or unintentionally to harm others. The principle of justice should guide our actions. Disparities exist among us and should be addressed through the lenses of fairness and equity toward all people.

Our vision is to identify and address the full range of significant challenges our society faces, from ending homelessness, eradicating social isolation, creating a social response to a changing environment, building financial capability for all, achieving equal opportunity and justice to reversing extreme income inequality.

Victory Initiative is here to make a real difference, and you can help us build a more equal, peaceful, and respectful world. Let's join hands by contributing your part to this noble initiative.

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