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A Kamloops, BC Canada Carbon Removal Startup Company is Seeking a Junior Loan Partner and Staged Financing Partner to Scale Up Their Nature-Based Hydroxyl Release to Reverse Climate Warming

ReductionTech: Removes all GHGs

    KAMLOOPS, BC, January 07, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Naturally occurring hydroxyl, (with the chemical formula OH*) are all around us and quickly and safely remove GHGs and pollutants from our atmosphere. It is mother nature's exquisite 2.4 billion year old sewer system. The hydroxyl has been the main cleaning and removal system "but we have overtaxed the system by emitting too much, too many different kinds of pollution". Hydroxyl is produced by ReductionTech from a small amount of ordinary air in a green process that has no moving parts except for the air supply. It will use only 1/55 millionth of the atmosphere to obtain oxygen, which is a radical departure from sucking the whole atmosphere to the equipment-a huge engineering and cost savings.

Thousands of the production cells, which are low tech and easy to operate can work together to disperse the hydroxyl. Using this ancient, planetary cleaning chemistry which leaves no unwanted residues or side reactions to worry about dumping has recyclable working parts. This will also allow the technology to only charge $10 per CO2e at scale, compared to other removal technologies which some are pricing at well over $100/CO2e. With low engineering inputs, and operating simplicity, a ReductionTech global scale up footprint uses about 8 acres of land, plus the green electricity supply footprint.

"Our final design needs to be submitted to the Canadian Standards Association for approval and this is what the $70k funds are for," said Viva Cundliffe. "Once we have "recognized offset units", we can offer our services globally."

The hydroxyl offers removal of all GHGs at once; providing a cleanup of air that rivals a pure, preindustrial atmosphere, and it does this very rapidly as it fans out into the atmosphere by diffusion and prevailing wind. The GHGs are terminated by well known transformation reactions and weathering. Hydroxyl is also the main remover of methane, which is still on the rise, and as a precaution, humanity should scale something affordable and safe.

"We look forward to financing this technology with the right partner with great hope and optimism for humanity with this technology in hand," continued Cundliffe.

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