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Path By Simplex Financials, Inc. Launches First-Ever Social Financial Platform

Enables business managers to connect, collaborate and grow through shared analysis of corporate financial data

Path by Simplex Financials Launches First-Ever Social Financial Platform Enables business managers to connect, collaborate and grow through shared analysis of corporate financial data

    SAN ANTONIO, TX, January 13, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Simplex Financials, Inc., a maker of financial software, today announced the launch and general availability of Path By Simplex Financials, the first-ever social financial platform. Path enables small business managers to connect, collaborate and grow through shared analysis of corporate financial data. Directly integrating with QuickBooks Online, Path functions like a social media platform. Users can make posts and share insights based on business data for others in the organization to review, share and comment upon. This social process enables strategic, consensus-oriented decision making.

"Looking at the lifecycle of a company as the path that it follows, we observed that most organizations thrive when they have a successful, data-driven social dynamic among key employees and other relevant stakeholders," said Robert J. Chandler, Chairman and CEO of Simplex Financials. "The product's name and functionality reflect this potential. Path not only helps you understand the past, it helps you guide the future. You can truly shape tomorrow by understanding today." The company had previously debuted the product in beta as Snopsis but decided to rebrand as Path to reflect the forward-looking and strategy-based nature of the software.

Path comprises three core functions: Connect, Collaborate and Grow. With "Connect," a management team connects with the data that drives the business. The software's Bridge feature gathers the entire team to one place where they can engage with information relevant to the current operational moment. According to Mike "Cash Flow Mike" Milan, President of Simplex Financials, "You can even include your advisors in your account, so they totally understand you and your team. You are connecting the right people to the right information at the exact right time."

The tool's "Collaborate" capability allows users to focus on important issues, tearing down siloes to put everyone on the same page and achieve organizational goals as a unit. Features like Bookmarks and Data Mash enable users to control, organize and analyze data as never before seeing the whole picture of how daily actions affect profit. "If you need help solving a problem, now it's as easy as sharing it with the team," Chandler added.

As a robust mobile-first platform, Path gives users the power to control a business from any device or location. With Path, users can now keep track of anything that happens in the company using just a smart phone or tablet. They can even use that information when it comes time for employee evaluations. It lets managers associate certain events or actions with each employee, e.g., did an employee completely surpass the sales goal for the month? Did an employee have a conversation with a potential investor and close the deal?

The "Grow" function in Path keeps businesses aligned, with everyone is working toward a common goal. Path provides the ability to be transparent with team members, so everyone gets better real-time information for decision making tasks. As Chandler noted, "Financial statements only tell you what happened in the past, Path helps you avoid pitfalls and find hidden cash opportunities in the future. You grow closer as a team, and more profitable as a company."

Simplex Financials, Inc. is a technology company focused on helping small business owners overcome their financial challenges. The company's mission is to connect business owners with what they need right now to make their dreams a reality. The platform will integrate with accounting software like QuickBooks® Online, Xero and Sage. Simplex Financials clients are small business owners, who are pre-CFO, that need financial guidance. Thus, providing accountants additional tools as they are to become a "Trusted Business Advisor." For more information, please visit

Jessica Rickard, Simplex Financials, Inc. 210-404-4840 ext. 310, [email protected].

For more information, please visit

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