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Numbers to Names, A Genesis to Healing

In a Time of Loss, Let Us Build to Heal- From Numbers to Names, Abraham I Am Calls for a Wall of Unity and Peace from Covid-19

Let us build a wall that will unite us as a people and not separate us as a nation.

    NEW YORK, NY, February 02, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The wake of life-altering events that have plagued our country has shaken the nation to its core with the amount of staggering loss. The year 2020 has presented unique challenges that no one was ever prepared to face. The loss of jobs, the loss of independence and freedom, but the most tragic for so many, has been the loss of life. Grief is the expected emotional response to death and sadly has been experienced all too common amongst our peers. At this point in this horrific pandemic, everyone knows someone who has been impacted by this terrible fast-moving disease. Although everyone has their own techniques and experiences that come with losing a loved one, it turns into an everyday routine of remembering their smiles and honoring their lives. In the best way we can, we try to move forward in life, and while they are not physically here, we feel they are always by our side.

With over 400,000 Covid19 deaths, we as a nation are experiencing an unfathomable level of loss. In conjunction with several social and environmental factors that have added to our country's mental distress, we need healing now more than ever. For each one of those Coronavirus deaths, there was a name attached to it. There was a family, there was a person who had a purpose, and they deserve never to be forgotten. In a period of confusion, division, and emptiness, there is an opportunity to bring these names collectively to life again. By building a wall of unity as part of his Focus on Healing series, Abraham I Am aims to create a digital memorial wall to turn those catastrophic numbers into the faces and stories they once were. In placing more meaning and value into these numbers, we can begin to heal, bringing comfort and connections to a grieving community. From families, health care providers, friends, and neighbors, we can all experience compassion during this time and start to imagine peace. Together, we can engage in remembering a life lost and continue to honor their name forever.

Learn more about this incredible initiative and take part in the mission by visiting the website and YouTube channel, where you can explore the ways we can all heal as one.

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It is time for healing. Build a wall that will Unite.