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NIOSH Approves Great Hawk™ GH8000 N95 Respirators for Global COVID-19 Prevention

Facing the COVID-19 viruses, if you do not care about your safety, who else will be able to help you? If you do not wear the right masks, who else will be able to save you? However, if you CARE, Great Hawk™ N95 respirators are ready for you!

Masking BETTER… Living SAFER!

    SEATTLE, WA, February 01, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Great Hawk Air Service ("GHA") is pleased to announce that National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health ("NIOSH") has just approved its Great Hawk™ GH8000 N95 Respirators, the 3rd type of Great Hawk™ N95 respirators, for COVID-19 prevention worldwide.

The Great Hawk™ GH8000 N95 Respirators provide global wearers with the following features:

1) Vertical Folded Style: Easy to carry and cost less.

2) All Purposes: It is designed for both medical and non-medical applications. Everyone may use.

3) Particulate Filtration Efficiency: ≥ 99.9778% according to NIOSH test results.

4) Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: ≥ 99% according to ASTM F2101 standard.

5) Universal: One size for all ages from middle school students. It's more flexible around the edges and adaptable to wearer's facial features.

6) More Adjustable: Individually adjustable aluminum nose clip allows user to customize the fit for better sealing and reduce eyewear fogging.

7) More Breathable: Exceptional inside filter for lower breathing resistance while meeting all requirements for filtration efficiency.

8) More Comfortable: High density urethane foam nosepiece to reduce air leakage and provide better experience.

9) Convenience: Easy to fold when they are not in use; and fit well with goggles, glasses and/or helmets.

10) Decontamination Capability: Up to 4 times according to FDA's EUA on NIOSH N95 respirators.

11) Shelf Life: 3 years.

Meanwhile, its packaging has been changed as follows to lower shipping cost:

1) Units / Box: 30 N95s.
2) Boxes / Case: 20 boxes.
3) Units / Case: 600 N95s.

Based on the newest production lines, Great Hawk Air Service is capable to deliver up to 10,000,000 (10 million) units of foldable Great Hawk™ GH8000 N95 Respirators per month at lower cost worldwide. Accordingly, it will be VERY helpful for this year's global prevention from COVID-19 viruses although several types of COVID-19 vaccines have recently been developed and released for the public to use among limited groups of people.

To date, the spreading speed of the COVID-19 viruses has been becoming faster and faster than ever before. More and more people have to face increasingly dangerous environments. As of February 1, 2021, globally confirmed COVID-19 cases have exceeded 103,502,373 with more than 2,236,938 deaths…

However, according to GHA's study, most of the confirmed COVID-19 cases were NEITHER wearing PPE, NOR N95 respirators at all.

Further, it is definitely NOT right to simply wear a face covering made of sweaters or cotton because such coverings or masks provide INVALID filtration efficiency for any of the COVID-19 viruses. This explains why the COVID-19 pandemic is completely out of control in Americas and European countries when most of the people here do not wear N95 respirators or surgical masks at all.

OBVIOUSLY, wearing N95 respirators has become MORE CRITICAL for all individuals' safety during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021.

It is NOT difficult to understand:

1) If you do not care about your safety, who else will be able to help you!

2) If you do not wear the right masks which are CAPABLE to filter the COVID-19 viruses, who else will be able to save you?

In case you are really unable to understand, please go and ask a MEDICAL SCIENTIST who has the knowledge of COVID-19 viruses and then follow his/her words.

For the safety of you, your family, your colleagues, your clients/customers, and/or your patients, you are highly encouraged to use NIOSH-certified Great Hawk™ N95 Respirators without hesitation. Inquiry email: [email protected]

Deliveries of Great Hawk™ N95 Respirators are always made on the basis of "first come, first served." But preferences will be given to American and European governments, hospitals, schools, airlines and distributors.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Great Hawk Air Service is a high-tech supported designer, developer and manufacturer of aircraft, defense equipment, personal protective equipment ("PPE") and medical devices.

In the aviation industry, GHA's business includes aircraft leasing, management, marketing and sales, design and manufacturing, aviation training and flying club with franchising opportunities in various countries. Its main products include, but not limited to, unmanned aerial vehicles ("UAV"), helicopters and airplanes.

In the PPE, medical and healthcare industries, GHA's business includes designing, developing, producing, marketing and sales of all types of PPE and medical devices in both USA and overseas. Its main products include, but not limited to, NIOSH certified N95 respirators, surgical masks, anesthesia masks, surgical gloves, medical exam gloves, food handling gloves, isolation gowns, surgical gowns, protective coveralls with hood, disposable medical bonnets, face shields, safety goggles, non-contact infrared thermometers, disposable syringe and needles, etc.

GHA is the official supplier of hundreds of government agencies, at all levels, in the US, overseas, in addition to the United Nations. All of its PPE are either NIOSH-certified or FDA-cleared or authorized or both for medical and non-medical applications. Its modernized PPE production lines are capable to produce millions of NIOSH and/or FDA-rated quality PPE on a daily basis.

For more information, please check the following:

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