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A 75 year old man solves Einstein's Entanglement "spooky effect" problem in Quantum Physics

M. Glenn Baxter, American author through personal research and spiritual journey over last 5 years eyes have been opened to Absolute Point Zero creation of all life on Planet Earth.

Nothing "spooky" about it. All energy flows through human minds in harmony cycling with good intentions creating an infinite feminine love circle back on earth like a radio station signal.

    QUEPOS, COSTA RICA, February 07, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Twice a day at sunrise and sunset he meditates silently in nature "I AM THAT I AM in Absolute Oneness in creative mental intention resonance loving and respecting Mother/Father Trinity Creator in the Golden Rule to do no harm."

Absolute Point Zero is Mr. Baxter's nonfiction self published novel based on CIA declassified Gateway documents (2 sections redacted) into mind control and out of body experience into time travel. The declassified files enabled Baxter to uncover Universal secrets of knowing the Absolute Trinity Creator of all life on Planet Earth. This literary work is not Conspiracy Theory. The historical events of Prescott Bush Nazi Banker arrest for trading with the enemy, exporting the Nazi Scientist Operation Paperclip to form NASA and the Assassination of President Kennedy who defeated Prescott Bush's candidate Richard Nixon inspired the CIA to create the term "Conspiracy Theorist" as added brainwash into American fluoride stupors in water, toothpaste and other products since 1945.

The declassified files state, "With respect to states of expanded or altered consciousness such as Gateway uses, the process operates in the following way. As energy passes through various aspects of the universal hologram and is perceived by the electrostatic fields which comprise the human mind, the Holographic image is being conveyed are projected up on those electrostatic fields of the mind and are perceived or understood to the extent that the electrostatic field is operating at a frequency and amplitude that can harmonize with and therefore "read" the energy carrier wave pattern passing through it. Changes in the frequency and amplitude of the electrostatic field which comprises the human mind determines the configuration and hence the character of the holographic energy matrix which the mind projects to intercept meaning directly from the holographic transmissions of the UNIVERSE."

Author's note: This speaks of reaching "GOD" The Absolute True Creator of the Universe! The crystalline human body acts as a radio tower broadcasting resonant electromagnetic frequencies through the brain into Universal Space. The Universe is in the human body as Oneness of all particles...atoms, molecules, in minerals, plants, animals and babies born on Planet Earth.

The flashlight cell battery is copied from the human body. The Human body has a very powerful electromagnetic field. The white light life force of 7 colors can be seen through Kirlian photography and MRI thermography. The iPhone or Android Cell phones operate through the electromagnetic touch of the organic finger with its unique Torus finger print. Powerful left spinning Torus in every human body has vibrational resonance power using the 90% crystalline body like a radio antennae reaching the Trinity Creator in Infinite space. A pencil or any other inorganic object will not operate cell phones. Human body cells are attacked with toxic low frequencies of anger, anxiety, air pollution, chemicals in foods and pharmaceuticals causing cancer and other diseases. 100% pure human cells would have full consciousness to operate a computer with our minds by connecting to the Oneness of I AM THAT I AM. NO SPOKEN WORDS NEEDED. All Human Quantum Brains flow in an 6-3-9 TORUS DNA Spiral in in harmony with our Creator. Atheist Einstein's entanglement solved. Nothing "spooky" about it. All energy flows through human minds in harmony cycling with good intentions creating an infinite feminine love circle back on earth like a radio station signal.

In Baxter's previously self published novel available at Amazon titled "Secrets Shared by LBJ's (Lyndon Baines Johnson) he writes that his father, an oil field Freemason Brotherhood Shriner living in 400 miles away from Dallas, told him on December 22, 1963 that "The Big Oil Boys in Dallas shot the President." At age 26 as a partner in a Dallas Ad Agency, Madeline Brown the Mistress of Lyndon B. Johnson was hired on staff. His career in Texas as an entrepreneur in advertising and marketing research for Fortune 500 corporations included oil related clients such as Teledyne Exploration, Dresser Industries, Geophysical Service Industries bought out by Dick Cheney's Halliburton and many more Corporations in the 1970's throughout the 1980's. He frequently tells others, "We all have blueprints for our lives while learning through tribulations."

CREW OF 3 PRODUCTIONS is a non-profit producer of written books, short feature videos and digital film documentaries. Betty E. Stout is the partner with Mr. Baxter forming a eletromagnetic vibrational Trinity field in Absolute Oneness with the Supernatural Creator of The Universe I-AM-THAT-I-AM. Betty Stout studied the KJV bible for over 30 years reading word by word and verse by verse. They both study sacred numbers, codes, parables and etymolgy knowledge from the Great Philosophers and Artist like Michelangelo. Betty owned a health food store in United States and is a trained nutritionist. Both are over 75 years young and spend 16-18 hour days researching hidden knowledge and history. They also collect medicinal plants out of the rainforest. They are in excellent heath never requiring pharmaceuticals. They follow The Golden Rule Natural Law to do no harm to any life.

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